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What features do you want in a Games store?
30/8/07 1:48:04 PM

: good prices
: in stock
: nice customer service

3 priority's :)

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5/9/07 5:46:49 PM

I look for liksang, which closed.

become the new liksang

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6/9/07 10:26:47 AM

I love competitive prices and reliability. If your prices are good, you'll get a lot more business :) My business!

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19/9/07 12:32:17 PM
Competitive prices
Realistic shipping charges
Excellent customer service / communication


30/9/07 10:18:56 PM
Nice looking site.



30/9/07 11:07:23 PM

can i get some feedback from people who have gone through aussie gamer?



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Ships of the desert

1/10/07 10:35:52 AM
like the site... easy to read and navigate.

My 2 cents - some decent Flight Sims... most of the retail shops only carry MS Flight sim, but always at high prices.

I wouldnt care if you had to do it as a special order, but just have a decent range at good prices. I have a $300 joystick that is barely used :(

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1/10/07 12:07:48 PM

maybe have something stating weather you have it in stock or not

Ships of the desert

3/10/07 1:34:58 PM

I have actually been paying a lot of attention to the website, the prices you are offering are fantastic but its the fact that they INCLUDE postage that interests me the most, the fact that I am from Tasmania means that we usually miss out on most of these types of things. I have been recommending the place to a few friends actually. If I could make one recommendation it would be that maybe a few accessories would be a good addition, controllers etc for example, cables. General Peripherals.

I've been looking and don't seem to be able to find any, or at least if they are there then they need to be easier to find.

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9/10/07 1:53:21 AM

Prices are great, stock levels are good and website layout is easy to use, there my main priorities, an added bonus is postage included in prices.
Well done =D


16/10/07 10:24:52 AM

Cheap prices compared to the rest of the surrounding community and cheap postage costs. :)

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16/10/07 6:57:31 PM

Those Xbox 360 prices are quite insane, like $40 cheaper than EB, and about $25 less than JB-Hifi. My only recommendation would be to possibly get some advertising? i.e like a short television ad, or in a newspaper, or even on the internet.

Also, there's a small typo in the "coming soon" sections, that includes every product. For the listings without a date it says "Description Comming Soon ...", which is one m too many I think :p

Pedantics aside, the site is very good, I'll probably get something from you soon!

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Kung Fu Hung-Su 
23/10/07 8:29:33 AM

This is probably a tad too much effort, but some short low quality samples of CDs would be an awesome feature. I always see CDs which look like they might be worth listening to but I never really put my money down unless its something I've heard before.

Just call me Hung, or invent a nickname and tell me.

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What do you like?

3/11/07 1:51:35 AM
any deals for crysis? :)

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30/5/08 12:57:06 PM

Free food, and good service.


30/5/08 2:55:57 PM
Less crap games to gum up the works, a Bratz free zone, (crap games take up valuable storage space and decrease your profits). Buy the best in bulk, and have well targeted advertising to let us know what's up.
I suppose lots of people buy the games I consider to be crap though. But if you have a review feature on your site, and it's a blatantly crap game, I don't think the reviews are going to increase sales by much.
Take Amazon.com for example, all the games with low star ratings are also low sellers.

But as they say, a fool and his money are easily parted. I guess that's why I mostly always broke or my savings are crap all.

Oh and number 1, is speedy delivery. This is the most important thing I think, even though Im pretty patient most of the time. When you walk into a games shop, you buy the game right then and there and take it home.
The convenience of going to the shop and carrying it out, versus the convenience of not having to go to the shop and having it delivered instead.

I suppose the only way would be to have discounted express post - or at least the option of express post for someone who needs it soon, like someone with a child's birthday in the same week of their order.
Having worked for an online shop, I know that people will have unreasonable expectations about receiving their item before an event that is important to them - like they want to order on a Monday to receive it before the weekend, having no understanding of the convolutions of Aus Post).
But, we did not have express post as an option for the place I worked for, so alot of the time we failed to meet their (unreasonable) expectations.

Edited by TrueFlag: 30/5/2008 3:03:27 PM


1/6/08 9:52:23 PM

alphabetical order would be nice. or a little radio button that would change from default view to a list view in alphabetical order.

Just to add to my criticism, the site seams to be a little on the heavy side.

I picked off the image of MS Flight simulator X and found it to be 10.8kb in size, to me that seams rather large. I've just become a full time linux user and don't know my way around the gimp yet so need some learning but in a few moments I was able to convert it to a palitised 8bit GIF that was 7kb and I don't believe I came anywhere near the limits there, probably 4.5-5.0kb would be possible with minimal quality lose for such a small image. and massive bandwidth savings for your customers.

Edited by Sparky: 2/6/2008 08:08:33 PM

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6/6/08 11:44:52 AM

Nice website you got, I bookmarked ;)

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