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Welcome to Atomic Direct Deals
Ben Mansill 
17/5/07 3:54:08 PM

This is a special forum for retailers to offer you special deals on tech gear, games, and anything else you might like.

You’ll get special access to prices and bundles not generally available elsewhere.

Only Direct Deals retailer participants can start a new thread – that’s so the offers stay clear and easy to see here. You are free to post questions or comments, but we ask that you please show respect for the retailers that are taking time to open this very special line of communicating directly with you.

Please don’t post if you think there’s a better deal or price to be found. We expect great relationships to be built between retailers, the people behind the shop, and you. In the end you’ll score cool deals, so please help make this something great.

This is an exciting new forum for Atomic, and a new way of doing things! In the weeks ahead Direct Deals will grow and find its form. You can help make it a winner, so you score top deals in the end.

If you run or work for a shop and would like to be a part of Direct Deals, please email John Kovacevic – jkovacevic@atomicmpc.com.au

Edited by Ben Mansill: 21/5/2007 09:01:11 AM


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