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Your Guide to Selling on Trademart
Trusted Trader 
26/4/07 2:17:21 PM

First of all the most important thing to remember is both the Forum and Trademart FAQ's;
Make sure you have read these and that all posts adhere to these rules.

Read the cover before the book
Or - Your Thread Title 101

For the uninitiated you will notice some abbreviations at the beginning of thread titles, here is what they mean;
PC - Price Check.
EOI - Expressions Of Interest.
WTB - Wanted To Buy.
FS - For Sale.
Free - Self explanatory.
There are some variations on this, like;
PFS - Possibly For Sale.
WTS - Wanted To Sell.
Any of these are acceptable.

Your title is the bait that gets people to look at your sale so make sure it's a good summary of what you have in the thread. It's also good to let people know where you are situated as local sales tend to be the desired outcome to save on postage.
Generally it's acceptable to put the state or main city you are in near the beginning of the title (as seen below).

Here are some good examples of titles (taken at random);
PC: 939 mobo, 3800+ X2 and 1GB of Corsair RAM
FS:(Adel) x1950 PRO Xtreme 512mb Pci-E (Notice the Adel to let people know where the seller is.)
[SYD] RAM to suit Intel Mac (2 x 512MB)
WTB agp vid card for playing bf2 nice and smooth

All of these give a quick overview of what the poster wants (sell, buy, check) and what the actual item is.

And some not so good ones;
Core 2 Duo E6600 - For sale, for free, wanted?
Price Check Please :) - Some idea of the item is good. A whole system or just one part?
> > > 7 8 0 0 G T < < < [wtb] - If only we had a [blink] tag as well.

Remember, most people will check your thread out based on your title so if it is non descriptive or badly worded then chances are your sale won't be.

No guts, no glory

Next up we have the meat of the post, letting people know what you have or want. Now not everything applies to each post type so just use your judgement at the time. The important details are;
* Item name, what are you selling/looking for. 
* Description of item containing (if applicable or available);
* Model number.
* Model specifications or technical details.
* Age.
* Warranty status, original receipts available? Do you provide DOA returns?
* Condition, new/used/broken/damaged or anything that may be relevant (eg overclocked?).
* A link to the manufacturer/suppliers website.
* Links to websites with reviews to give people an idea of other peoples experiences.
* Links to pictures if the above websites don't have any.
* A price, you can do a reserve/instant if you wish but a minimum price (or range) is required when selling.
* Payment details. Just put cash, deposit, money order, Paypal, corn bushels, whatever.
You can sort the particulars out after the sale.
* Postage/Pickup information. This is covered in more detail below but it's best to quote a postcode
where you are sending from so people will have some idea on how much postage may cost.
* A reason for selling if you wish to share.
* An end condition to the sale/auction is desirable so bidders are not left hanging.
You can specify a price or date but try not to use the 'when I think so' line as it is not fair to potential buyers.

With this you should have most questions covered and help you get the best possible price.

Please make sure that the item you are selling can indeed be sold. A lot of accounts with online games cannot be sold on (eg World of Warcraft, Steam) and neither can OEM software. Check any applicable terms of service before listing the item.

Sold, to the person with the most money!

So you have sold your item, congratulations! Now to get your money.
For this part it is best to use PM to exchange sensitive personal details. It is always a good idea to send the seller any payment receipt numbers to show the date/time of payment, but also so the money can be tracked if required.

Paypal is nearly instantaneous.
Bank Transfer can take up to 5 working days done electronically (so be patient) or instantaneously if you deposit it by person into the sellers account.
If a payment is taking longer than normal make sure you let the other party know, swap any reference numbers and call your financial institute to see if they can track it for you.

See further below for dispute resolution matters.

Delivering the goods

Postage and packing are the next important things to finalise your sale.

For pickup you just need to organise a time and place between the seller and buyer.

When posting make sure your item is well packed, use bubble wrap, foam or the original packaging if you have it and put hardware is in an anti-static bag where possible. Addressing needs to be neat and clear and make sure you have a return address, just in case.
You can use either your own outer packaging or buy it from AusPost, AusPost is a good option as all the bags and boxes they have for sale are made for this type of shipping. The big bubble bags are good for most items, plus you can get tape, bubble wrap and all sorts of things from your local post office.

Another great idea is to use registered post and most experienced sellers will recommend this to you. It only costs $2.60 per item (plus the weight of the package if applicable) and is well worth the piece of mind it offers, even if you absorb the cost yourself. Here are some benefits of using Registered Post;
    * A unique identification number for every article 
* Proof of posting, when lodged at the Post Office counter.
* A signature obtained on delivery.
* Compensation of up to $100 is included.

For small extra charges you can also get;
    * Signed and returned delivery confirmation ($1.75 per item). 
* Person to Person delivery ($5.30 per item).
* Extra insurance up to $5000 ($1.15 per $100 to maximum).

Here are some good links for postage info;
AusPost homepage - http://auspost.com.au/
Online postage calculator - http://www1.auspost.com.au/pac/
Post guidelines - http://www.auspost.com.au/BCP/0,,CH3851%257EMO19,00.html
Registered post details - http://www.auspost.com.au/IXP/0,1465,CH2112%257EMO19,00.html

Most people won't do COD, but here is a link for those interested - http://www.auspost.com.au/BCP/0,1467,CH2147%257EMO19,00.html

Dispute resolution

Occasionally something goes wrong and people don't get paid or don't get their goods. But there is ways to minimise the risks.

Registered post is automatically insured (see postage above), so if the item is DOA or goes 'missing' then you are covered. For higher priced items it is worth the couple of dollars it costs.

If you don't hear anything from a seller and you haven't paid then be patient, they may just be distracted by Reality, if you have waited and heard nothing then chances are the sale fell through. If you have paid and the seller appears to have done a runner (and you have given them a fair amount of time to get their act together) then call your financial institute and arrange to have the funds reversed.

You may be unfortunate enough to be unable to get your money back. In this instance your options are speak to your financial institute or speak to the police. As per the Trademart FAQ, Atomic/Haymarket or their representatives (the Forum Moderators) will not get involved in dispute resolution and will not release personal information of any user to you.

The final step you can take is to leave negative feedback for a user, detailed below.

Trusted Traders

Trusted Traders was established to provide forum users (both sellers and buyers) with a way to give feedback based on the outcome of the sale. This consists of a Positive, Negative or Neutral rating as seen in the Trusted Traders thread;

To leave feedback just provide a link to the sale thread, your rating (+1, -1 or neutral) and any comments that are related to the sale. Just take a look in the thread for lots of examples. Note that you cannot provide feedback for items given away.

The Trusted Traders thread is updated every week or two.

That rounds up this howto, if you have any suggestions on how we can make this better for you then please post below.

Edited by Trusted Trader: 20/5/2007 05:25:13 PM


26/4/07 6:29:32 PM

Nice thread, although you might want to check the price of registered post out. $3.10 is for a prepaid envelope, I'm fairly sure that it only costs about $2.60 to register parcels.


26/4/07 7:22:47 PM

Sweet Guide!

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Trusted Trader 
26/4/07 10:08:18 PM

Thanks 1shot1kill, prices removed and added "(depending on weight)" in place for the meantime. The Auspost website is a bit vague about the price of non-prepaid registered post so this will need confirming.


29/4/07 12:00:54 PM


Pg 4 of 5. Non-prepaid registered post labels are $2.60 each. So to calculate the cost of a parcel, http://www1.auspost.com.au/pac/aus_parcel.asp is the parcel postage calculator. Enter the relevant details and then add $2.60 for the cost of registered post.


Trusted Trader 
20/5/07 5:26:35 PM

Registered post details updated, thanks 1shot.


2/9/07 9:38:34 PM

heh i think 1shot would know more about postage then the people working at my post office :P

Nice guide guys :)

Looking For A New Core 2 Duo Motherboard?
Game Doesnt Support Wide Screens?

12/2/08 11:19:11 PM
Can we have a clarification in the faq as well as perhaps in this thread on exactly what is forbidden as far as offering for sale elsewhere.
I've viewed a thread tonight which was locked because the OP mentioned he had a friend who was interested in the item as well. The mod specifically said if an item is up for sale elsewhere then don't sell it, and the thread was henceforth locked.
Now I've seen many more threads which have mentioned that a personal friend may be buying the item, nothing was mentioned or the thread being locked. It's pretty much accepted trademart behaviour that selling anything on other sites is not allowed, but offline sales are permissable.

What is the rule exactly, and if offline sales are also forbidden then that should be expressly stated ASAP, and made very prominently known to the trademart forum goers because as it stands now the belief is that it's ok to do so.


11/4/08 8:47:11 AM


This really should have had a thread in Web Feedback, or else it goes missed.

Per the FAQ;
"6. If you are selling goods on other sites, please don't offer it for sale here."
Now it does say sites, but in fairness to everyone here we extend that to anywhere else.

If something is said and it isn't attended to it is because we haven't seen it. We cannot be everywhere for every thread, that is why we ask that you use the RTM button to let us know.


21/6/08 9:56:34 AM

Reading the FAQ:

7. Firearms, alcohol, pornography and anything else restricted to minors are not allowed to be sold.

Does this mean sales in Trademart are not restricted to computer-related items?

I have various junk I'd like to sell, for example a Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith t-shirt, but I'd always assumed TradeMart was for computer h/w or s/w for some reason.

Also, how far away from computery stuff can we go? I also have some expensive Mac foundation to sell because it's not the right colour for my girlfriend :-p

"To love another you have to undertake some fragment of their destiny."
- Quentin Crisp

21/6/08 10:11:48 AM


You can sell anything as long as it isn't illegal or restricted to minors.

That includes your SW's stuff and girlfriend make up.


14/8/08 12:56:03 PM

Want to track a Registered Post article?

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