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REMINDER Trademart is for open trading only, not PMing
Ben Mansill 
25/11/06 8:15:48 PM

A few Trademart deals have been done via PM, lately.

Please note that the primary function of Trademart is for open trading.

This is essence of Trademart, and the foundation upon which it all depends for success.

The very nature of Trademart is open bidding in a public forum. PM trading only dilutes the effectiveness of the Trademart system.

Any user found to be conducting Trademart deals via PM will be banned without warning. This is not a hollow threat. If we see any whiff of PM trading going on, *all involved* users will be banned instantly, and without warning.

Please, people, let's keep this in the spirit it was intended. This a certain special economic system, which benefits many, PM trading only hurts that.

EDIT CLARIFICATION: Trades can of course be concluded via PM, exchanging bank/address info etc.

Apologies if anyone thought we wanted you to do all that in the thread too.

The point of this is that all *bidding* be done in the thread.


Edited by Ben Mansill: 25/11/2006 8:19:20 PM

Edited by Ben Mansill: 27/11/2006 09:23:09 AM

English. Don't fuck with it.

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