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Wii Virtual Console Issues. Any ideas?
9/9/08 2:18:57 PM
Ok so i've had a good google and have found nothing.

I have both Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario 3 for the Wii Virtual Console... I have two issues.

1) How do I add a second player? I can select 2 players but when P1 dies, P2 is uncontrollable (just Luigi sitting there). Does anyone know how do add the second Wiimote?

2) Not a huge issue but when I load up these NES Virtual Console games my TV looses signal if I am using component cables. No issue with AV cables. Weird huh!

Appreciate feedback.

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9/9/08 2:55:43 PM

The component issue is a known issue, something to do with NTSC/PAL or something along those lines.

Or maybe it was 50hz and 60hz. I remember reading about it a while ago :P Sorry I couldn't offer more light there, but I know it's a problem so you're not the only one.


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9/9/08 6:25:55 PM

I used to run my Wii on component (before I discovered my TV does svideo better... o.O) and had no problem when doing VC games. Perhaps it's a PAL only issue (I have a US NTSC Wii).

You just need to get the wiimote synched up with the wii (you should have 1 with just the . light on and another with the .. light). Then you use the .. wiimote for the 2nd player.

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9/9/08 7:00:12 PM

Try this - it worked for me:

from the wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Console

Initially, some PAL Virtual Console games would not display correctly on high-definition televisions when connected via the component lead. However, starting with the April 13, 2007 update of the PAL Virtual Console, certain newly added games, such as Punch-Out!!, support the "Wii Component Cable Interlace mode." This is a temporary fix to problems with various Virtual Console games being played over component cable on HDTVs. The mode can be enabled by accessing the operations guide of the game, and (with the Nunchuk attached) pressing the buttons Z + A + 2 simultaneously. A sound is played if the mode is enabled correctly. Several older games also have updates available to enable the feature, such as Super Castlevania IV. The mode can be disabled by using the same method, but with the button combination Z + A + 1 instead.

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10/9/08 7:59:30 AM
Cheers i'll try that tonight.

Any more info on actually syncing up the second Wiimote in Virtual Console?

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