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Xbox 360 Controller VS Xbox?
7/9/08 10:58:33 AM

I have to buy a new Xbox controller due a certain fuzzy animal, and I'm wondering, are Xbox 360 controllers compatible with a standard Xbox?


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7/9/08 11:42:17 AM

They're not due to Xbox 360 controllers being wireless. I realise there are wired 360 controllers, but they use USB and that wouldn't work either.

Definitely buy a Xbox Controller S - Ebay or even EB Games might still have surplus stock. I know that they have third-party Xbox controllers with crazy designs on them. Have a look

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7/9/08 12:10:25 PM
Yeah they won't work.
EB are buying Xbox one controllers for like $3 so I'm sure they can't be selling them for much more than $20 if they keep stock. They told me the ones that they bought off me would go to Microsoft for spare parts.


7/9/08 3:07:54 PM
Simple solution - Buy a 360 :P

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7/9/08 3:21:05 PM

At your local EB they sell after market orgional xbox controllers that the exact same shape of the 360 version. they are wired only though.

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7/9/08 3:35:08 PM

I've got one or two Xbox S controllers you can have deadpeep (Xbox is rooted). PM me or whatever.

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