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5/9/08 12:18:34 AM

I don't get given many games, so it's a rare thing when I say I'd like to give a free game back. A mate of mine at EA marketing passed this over to me and I have to say, it's one of the worst games I've played in a long time.

It is insanely difficult, even on the easiest setting. Not only that, but the difficulty curve only gets steeper as the game progresses.

I guess Edge's 3/10 review was fairly spot on :(

Facebreaker is vacuous, its interface without flair and its novelties without purpose beyond littering the boards at Gamefaqs.


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5/9/08 1:11:19 PM

Thanks Kunzie,
I was looking at getting this, but now I think i'll pass!

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5/9/08 1:50:39 PM

I was considering it too.
Prolly won't buy it. If I can find a demo - I'll try it, 'cause I'm still curious.

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5/9/08 1:52:29 PM

Not even play it for achievements?

Fuck it must be really fuckin' bad.

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5/9/08 2:45:35 PM

The demo was pretty shithouse.

The Facemaker was about the only good thing with it. And even that produced a dodgy result for me (pretty sure that's just my bad photo taking there, though.)

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5/9/08 3:58:02 PM

Only thing good about the demo was the facemaker, worked great for me. Same one is in tiger woods 09. Facebreaker is one terrible shit of a game.


5/9/08 8:53:41 PM
yeh i tried the demo and it was shiiiiiiiiittttttt, looked like it could have been fun from gameplay videos but i guess thats what u get when you develop a game for the wii then port it over too a real console :P.

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