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Dreamcast RF AV PAL/NTSC Confusion
31/8/08 12:14:38 PM

OK so I recently bought a PAL DC, and the AV cable that came with it was an RF one (the console originally came from the UK).

I've managed to hook that up to my TV and it shows the main Dreamcast system menu fine and in colour, with sound as expected.

The only DC game I have is an original NTSC Seaman disc, so I'm intending to use a Utopia boot disc to play it on my PAL console.

When I load up the Utopia boot disc, the screen goes black and white, fuzzy, and by the looks of it certain scanlines disappear off the top and bottom of the screen. Seaman has the same issue. Sound is seemingly unaffected. I'm guessing this is something to do with PAL/NTSC incompatibility, right?

So, any quick and/or cheap suggestions for getting my DC to output to my HDTV properly in colour? I realise that getting a VGA box would provide the best picture for DC, but at this stage I'm not really interested in playing many games other than Seaman and I'm trying to keep my costs down if possible.

Cheers for any help you can give.


Ug Lee 
31/8/08 6:16:35 PM

It sounds like your TV can't resolve the NTSC signal properly. Hard to imagine in this day and age.

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31/8/08 6:18:16 PM

What sort of TV is it? You might need to manually tell it what colour system to use on the channel you've tuned the DC in to.

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31/8/08 10:24:41 PM

TV's a Sony Bravia, probably less than 2 years old.

I've looked around the menu system trying to find an option for NTSC/PAL, but I haven't found anything yet.


1/9/08 12:08:17 PM

Most TVs should detect this automatically.
As for a VGA box - I've got one I can send to you for the cost of postage if you want.

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