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View poll results: trash talk.
You do it constantly? 1 4.17%
Sometimes 4 16.67%
When the other player is a dick 4 16.67%
If i'm in a bad mood 2 8.33%
I have tourettes and cant help it 2 8.33%
never 11 45.83%
Voters: 24
trash talking
26/8/08 10:56:28 AM

Now this aint nessarly just a console thing it's been happening for years on P.C, it just made me think about it last night on xbox.

was in a game of Halo last night and ended up with alot of yanks.

normally they are pretty cool but this group just talked crap the entire time.

Was like a bunch of monkeys that wouldnt stfu.

I dont mind some trash talk but jesus they went constantly for about 15 mins with this verbal diarrhea was like they had tourettes or something.

I smacked the crap out of them (they obviously weren't concentrating on the game) but damn.

why do people do this? I dont mind some trash talk but constantly?

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The End 
26/8/08 10:59:13 AM

I'd rather use the chat for tactics (with pubbies) or chat (with mates) rather trying to be a hard man over the internet.

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26/8/08 10:59:17 AM


The only person I *ever* trash talk to is my best mate when we're playing DEFCON.

"Oh dear, did I just nuke Russia? My bad. At least only 10 million died, right?"

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26/8/08 11:21:45 AM

I find trash talking happens hard in halo. why i stopped playing it

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every now and then, I think "Fuck - Shes not even 12 months old ye.... Oh, its *that* again"

26/8/08 11:22:30 AM

I don't even like to talk at all in online games.

I just play.



26/8/08 7:14:55 PM

I hate trash talking.

I play games to have a good time.

If someones swearing in a humorous fashion, thats fine, but if they are just being a loud, obnoxious whiny, swearing fucking dick, then i don't tolerate that shit at all.

Mute the fucker and continue talking and playing as though he no longer exists - very satisfying ;P
(Well you can do this on Xbox Live)

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26/8/08 7:42:59 PM

I think trash talking is great fun at a real LAN, or when you're playing with mates as jest.

But otherwise it's stupid.



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26/8/08 7:45:41 PM

I trash talk everyone. Even in real life.

"One large chips please, you fucking noob"

"I pwnd your chips"

"Your now my bitch lololol"


Seriously though, I'm not one for trash talking unless it's with mates, or I'm specifically trying to annoy the hell out of the other people.

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26/8/08 8:06:33 PM

I do it.

But only when the others are all just talking shit as well, and never in a hurtful way (eg never bring discriminatory stuff into etc and only ever comment on the game).

Never do it to be mean though :)


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27/8/08 11:20:22 AM

I tend to trash talk, but only my own team mates.

"Have you done anything yet bitch?"...that sort of thing. Pretty good natured ;)


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Harmonic Cacophony 
27/8/08 11:35:09 AM

I would never tolerate anyone talking to me in a game. Screw that.

It's never Lupus

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27/8/08 2:01:38 PM

I don't mind it to a point, but it can become annoying. It's not just American that do it either, I've got a heap of AU guys from R6:V that I still have muted.

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27/8/08 2:25:15 PM

The lan comment is true. Nothing better then turning to a mate swearing at him and smacking him over the back of the head.

Then while he's distracted steal his flag / gold / base / whatever :)

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The Evil Weevil 
27/8/08 8:15:37 PM

I hate trash talk, with gaming and in sports ive played, its a sign of insecurity and fear, i laugh when they act hard and talk shit.


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