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Gaming Confessions
21/8/08 11:33:10 PM

It occurred to me recently, that I am guilty of several gaming "sins". This combined with a few random tidbits shall be henceforth contained herein as it were per se.

A few facts about my gaming heritage:

- Never played anything on N64
- Didn't own a SNES until the PSX was released
- Never owned a NES
- Never beat final bosses in: Beyond Good and Evil, Metroid Prime, Ico.
- Used to think it was Duce Ex
- Am a button masher in fighting games
- Always play games on Easy, unless achievements are available for Normal+
- Enjoy cheating in (offline) games
- Wanted so much to like Enter the Matrix
- Play (and buy) games for achievements
- Thought for years that I once had a Colecovision, when in fact it was an Atari 5200
- "Stole" 40c from the change when buying milk for dad to play Time Killers, only to last one fight then get in severe trouble
- Boss fights scare me
- Loathe any sort of puzzle element in games (Braid and Portal being the exception)
- Am in the credits for Championship Manager 05 (tester)
- Play through as evil in games that give you moral choices
- Worked for SEGA and Eidos as a tester (consequently around the same time I started becoming incredibly jaded)
- Never uses cockpit view in racing games (always rear overhead)
- Always uses automatic shifting in racing games
- Doesn't consider exploits (code left wittingly or otherwise in games) cheating - unless used for gain online
- Generally dislikes online competitive games due to having average skill
- Loves co-op for the same reason (and it's fun)
- Hates playing strategy games, but is more than content to watch a skilled player at one
- Used to spend 3 hours in the local arcade after school every day watching people play
- Bought a Dreamcast at launch + 2 controllers + 2 VMUs + 3 games (including Blue Stinger) for around $800 - sold it all to the owner of Blade Electronics for $250 a month later
- Has had in excess of $10,000 worth of games and gaming equipment stolen in one hit
- Favourite series: Castlevania
- Favourite genre: Action/RPG
- Was a Sonic fan back when Mario and Sonic were at war (back when they weren't in the same shitty Olympics game)
- Is insanely good at Point Blank and Bishi Bashi arcade machines
- Is insanely shit at Rock Band drums and Guitar Hero
- Would much rather do insane jumps and stunts in GTA games rather than doing the missions/killing people
- Lost a job thanks to World of Warcraft - and have had many sick days attributed to gaming

More when I think of them...

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XBL: tangents

Dear Diary, a creepy giant stared at me today and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

21/8/08 11:56:22 PM

I dont know what gaming sins are but Ill copy your list and add others as more people post tell me theirs.....

- Never beat final bosses in: Beyond Good and Evil, Metroid Prime, Ico.
- Am a button masher in fighting games
- Always play games on Easy, unless achievements are available for Normal+
- Enjoy cheating in (offline) games (occassionally)
- Boss fights scare me

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Im going to rock out with my cock out and shes going to jam out with her clam out

22/8/08 12:38:47 AM

- Have played and owned The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past (SNES), The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (N64), The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker (GC), and The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess (Wii), and the ONLY one I've ever finished was the SNES game. It bugs me to this day...

In fact, let's just say my biggest sin is owning a BUNCH of games that absolutely deserve to be finished, but never are.


22/8/08 12:51:41 AM

i think my biggest sin ever: have been pirating games since SNES until PS one.

also, i never owned any consoles from Sega, except dreamcast (that was given by my friend and he didn't give me any games)

xbox live : vzion
PSN : big-black-dog

playing: -

22/8/08 1:17:44 AM
im waiting for say `secretly stayed in on friday night to play viva piniata`.

the best thing about buying the nvidia 9800gtx wasnt buying it... it was telling all the ati fanboys that i did!

22/8/08 8:19:37 AM

LOL mate you're not alone! I honestly share almost ALL of those qualities, except...

- Thought for years that I once had a Colecovision, when in fact it was an Atari 5200 - I DID have one... man I loved it
- Loathe any sort of puzzle element in games (Braid and Portal being the exception) - don't mind them, unless they blatantly stand out (all the goddamn box pushing in Broken Sword)
- Am in the credits for Championship Manager 05 (tester) - I am obviously not
- Worked for SEGA and Eidos as a tester (consequently around the same time I started becoming incredibly jaded) I obviously did not
- Bought a Dreamcast... never had one
- Has had in excess of $10,000 worth of games and gaming equipment stolen in one hit - Oh shit that was you, I remember that...
- Favourite series: Castlevania - Eww, nah hate them. Would be the Battlefields for me, simply based on time spent on them... ahh the hours and all-nighters... single game is hard. BF1942? MORROWIND, definitely up there... or Sam and Max Hit the Road. that game was a revolution for me... or Monkey Island... ok better stop...

- Is insanely good at Point Blank and Bishi Bashi arcade machines
- Is insanely shit at Rock Band drums and Guitar Hero
reverse these two :-) Not bad at the shooter types, but not brilliant

- Lost a job thanks to World of Warcraft - and have had many sick days attributed to gaming - haven't lost a job, but hell yeah to the sickies haha

Otherwise, we're identical :-)

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"A wise man... proportions his belief to the evidence" - David Hume, On Miracles

22/8/08 10:04:44 AM
My gaming sins:

- Have over 100 games I own and bought at full price, but have yet to play
- Am obsessive about 100%'ing a game
- Have issues playing as evil in games, even though I desperately want to
- Spent a solid 1/8-1/4 of my salary on games
- Regularly read FAQs on games my gf plays so I can help her
- First console owned was a PS2, and that was only a year ago I got it
- Desperately want to be good at rhythm games, and end up being a little above par
- I'm an achievement whore, and would be worse if I didn't have one day a week to play 360.
- Always use automatic shifting in racing games
- Never uses cockpit view in racing games (always rear overhead)


The End 
22/8/08 11:45:27 AM

- Rarely finish a game these days :/
(Including Ico, Beyond Good and Evil, Final Fantasy X, FFXII, Disgaea)
- Have a pile of Nippon Ichi games that I've not even played.
- Have a G25 that's gathering dust because I just don't have the time to play race sims on PC anymore.
- Didn't own a console until college (in my defence though, I owned a Vic 20 and then an Amiga from about 8 years old onward)
- Haven't touched GHIII beyond one or two DLC songs since my first playthrough (Got to Raining Blood on Hard, hit the wall, cbf playing any further)
- Pretty similar story with PES 08 and Madden 08
- Quite liked Enter the Matrix, flaws and all
- Adore football management games, but no longer have the time to play them :(

Edited by The End: 22/8/2008 11:46:53 AM

The proof is in the pudding.

The pudding... of their doom.

22/8/08 11:47:38 AM

My gaming confessions (off the top of my head, right now anyway)

- Starting many but rarely finishing any game.
- Running to GameFAQs if a puzzle takes more than 5-6 minutes to work out.
- Never use cockpit view (mostly hood, sometimes rear overhead)
- Find racing sims truly coma-inducing
- Not playing ** SO MANY GAMES ** . Mostly it's the sin of just not playing enough.

- I luuurve rhythm games and puzzlers, but I really don't like it when puzzles or rhythm is poorly implemented in other game types. Notable exceptions are Portal and CorpseCraft. http://www.whirled.com/ check it out!

uhrmm... that's all for now. No doubt more will occur to me as time goes on.

"Be Excellent to each other" - Bill and Ted
- - - Don't feed the Trolls!! - - -
"Consoles are toys. $250 is the most I will pay for a toy." - thesorehead

22/8/08 12:48:25 PM

I was ready to call you a noob until i realised I was guilty of a few of those as well. Also, this is quite cathartic and nostaligic.

- Most recently is that I have not finished GTA4, I love cruising around the city, but the missions infuriate me as I always manage to die right at the end usually by lobbing a grenade that promptly bounces back into my face...
- Never owned a dreamcast until it was a dead platform. Even then it was really because i wanted to play samba di amigo. I bought some 2d fighting games but kept coming back to the maraccas.
- Spent all my pocket money on one session of double dragon and got in a lot of trouble. I did finish it though and was king of las vegas (the old brisbane game arcade, not the US city...) for an afternoon.
- Got punched by an older kid at a 7-11 because I beat him at SF2, nub couldn't even do a fireball.
- Again, got in a fight because I embarresed a kid at mortal kombat 2 with sub zero's spine ripping fatality, and too this day is the only MK2 fatality I can remember how to do.
- I worked for EA over for a year on a major sports title, though one one of the better ones to come out recently. This jaded me for a while also.
- I was a card carrying nintendo fanboy during the heady days of NES vs Master system, but I always wanted a sega for sonic. When the mega drive came out I played altered beast and almost handed my fanboy card in when I heard 'wise from your grave'.
- I used to pause sf2 turbo to look up chun-li's skirt. This was well before the internet existed and fan-art destroyed any fantasies I had about game characters.
- I stole a $1 from my sister to play the ninja turtles arcade game when it came out, I felt so guilty I owned up to that one and got the disapointed not angry treatment, which is worse. I still get pangs of guilt when i see that game. I'd make a horrible criminal.
- I think final fantasy 10 is the best one, I like tidus, fuck you.
- I went to sega in akihabara and was too scared to play anyone at any game.
- I guilted my dad into getting me a power glove because of 'the wizard' and even as an 8 year old I realised that shit was wack within 10 minutes.
- I never really played the first zelda becasue I never worked out that you had to go to the cave to get the sword, a friend had to show me. By then I hated the game because i thought it was some fruity forest adventure where you couldn't kill anything.
- I constantly corner trap scrubs with honda on the live version of sf2, it's cruel but I never get sick of it. I see it as a learning curve for them, beat this or never get better.
- I think beyond good & evil is incredbly medicore and panders to nerds as much as a big boobed fighting game.
- Alyx isn't hot.
- I once downshifted a mate from 4th to first in a game of Daytona on the last corner in order to maintain an unbeaten record. My record stands but he never has let me forget it.
- I instantly think less of anyone who plays ANY mmo.
- Disgaea is for mouth breathing weirdo's only.
- The metal gear series is my favourite series of all time, it's the pinacle of entertainment. Yet i still can't justify shelling out for ps3 for one game, I'm sorry Kojima.
- I sometimes used oddjob in Goldeneye and ran around crouched karate chopping people's kneecaps to death as he was basically unshootable when crouched at close range.
- I'm horribly addicted to a horrible RPG called two worlds, I couldn't really tell you why. Fosooth, the Taint!

There are so many more...

I am in ur lan, installing my hax.

22/8/08 8:42:27 PM

- When I get home from work, I don't play games. I watch a movie or read a book :(. My days off are spent playing games though.
- Back in the day I was part of the Sega fan club. I wore my Sega shirt as often as I could until it became that worn that it had to be turned into rags. I still wish I had that shirt. It was awesome. "Blow your mind" (Can anyone find a picture of that shirt?)
- I'm completely addicted to Guitar Hero. I even bought the DS version. Having played Guitar Hero World Tour, I can't wait for it to be released.
- I'm very average at FPS when playing on my own. Co-op and I'm a great backup. I'm a surgeon with a sniper rifle.
- I'm terrible at RTS. I even edited "Scenario.pak" on Dune 2 back in the day because I was so bad at the games. Yes I cheated.
- Every so often I'll play the original Leisure Suit Larry. One of my all time favourite adventure games.
- If not Larry, then I'll play Monkey Island 1
- I always wanted a Sega Saturn and a Dreamcast. I still do, but don't have the motivation to hunt one down. And when I do find one I usually pass on buying it.
- I too am a button basher on fighting games. Back in the day I wasn't though.
- I'm above average on shooting games at the arcade. It doesn't translate to the consoles though.
- I have finished Final Fantasy I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2. I'm about to start playing Final Fantasy II, but I left it in Canberra :(
- I have finished Final Fantasy VIII 5 times now. I've finished Final Fantasy VII only 3 times. The others only once.

Plenty more.

Edited by morris: 22/8/2008 8:43:54 PM



22/8/08 11:38:01 PM

Mine would have to be calling myself a completionist and haven't completed a game since I started full time work.

- Have spent most of my life saying I have completed all FF and Zelda games until FFX and TP.

- Purchase a game when I am still enjoying another, ruining the experience for the first game and then not enjoying the second game. Meaning I don't play either anymore.

Comp Specs: amd 3200, 2 gig 400mhz, 160 gig sata, 80 gig ide, 3 x 320 & 1 x 500 gig ex hdd geforce 6800,
Laptop Specs: Core2Duo 2 ghz, 2 gig ram, 2x160 hdd, geforce 8600M GS
MickyD's Quote : life is a fucker, deal with it

Ug Lee 
22/8/08 11:57:23 PM

Only two games I have played so many hours on in a row where I developed blisters - Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn) and Destruction Derby (PSX).

Am not a button masher on fighting games.

Always preferred the Master System to the NES.

The 120+ hours I've sunk into Oblivion is the most for any game so far this gen, but nothing like the 80 hours I put into KOTOR in a week and a half, despite working full-time.

Streets of Rage 2 and Donkey Kong Country may be the non-fighting games I've completed the most, ever.

I have a massive hard-on for the Suikoden series.

Used to write for a nationally-distributed games magazine, for a number of years too.

Use auto in racing games unless they're arcade racers from Sega, whereby it's manual or die.

I have a few videogame related shirts (SNK, SF2, Forza 2, Virtua Fighter 5) which I still wear regularly.

Appeared in the Cairns Post many years ago for what was, at the time, my obscenely large games collection.

Those are random tidbits.

As for sins...

Never owned an Amiga despite playing heaps of Amiga games with mates.

Twilight Princess is the only Zelda game I have ever completed.

Put 40 hours into Final Fantasy X and then stopped playing it. Seven years later I'm yet to pick it back up and finish it.

Didn't complete Ninja Gaiden until I bought Sigma on PS3, yet I imported the Xbox original for the game's launch.

11 years later and I still haven't completed Symphony of The Night, yet I've owned it three times. Two physically, one via XBLA. Almost there on XBLA too, need to just do it!

My Gamecube collection consists of far more games non-completed than completed. Games like Eternal Darkness, Metroid Primes 1 and 2, Mario Sunshine, Starfox Adventures, Luigi's Mansion.

Spent $500 on a game I barely played past the first six months (Steel Battalion).

Spent $500 on a game I barely played past the first six months instead of buying a Neo Geo. I have both these days of course.

And maybe the biggest sin of all, not long ago I threw out the bulk of my videogame magazine collection, every mag I've ever bought since 1989 outside of Edge and random special issues, and let me say this - I regret that more than anything.

Edited by Ug Lee: 22/8/2008 11:58:00 PM

Currently playing -

Madden NFL 09 (X360)
Soul Calibur 4 (X360)

22/8/08 11:58:23 PM

- Still believe the greatest game on earth is Mechwarrior 2.

Quote by tantryl
Psychonaut doesn't count.

Quote by The_Psychonaut

23/8/08 3:07:04 AM

Man I love these lists, mostly because it lets me spit venom at shit I hate. I don't care that you probably love it, if I say it sucks, then I mean it.

Now then:

----THE BAD----
- KOTOR sucked
- SF3:TS sucked, so did its 3-branded predecessors, and in fact bearing in mind that I haven't played IV, SF died after Alpha 3. (Which is in fact my favourite in the series so far)
- Soul Calibur II and III sucked. Sucked HARD. Haven't played I or IV, but loved Soul Blade on PS1. Loved it long time.
- Nintendo64 was a shitty console full of shitty games by companies that have produced nothing but shit since. Nintendo, Rare, both died with this machine.
- GoldenEye64 is probably the most overrated game ever. I know I harp on about this, but as someone who was raised on PC FPS's, it's an incredibly piss poor game. Most people will say "It's good considering it's on a console", but to me this is no excuse. Shit games are shit games, and I don't care what you play them on. Even if I were to take that on board, it still doesn't explain the praise heaped on that poxy, lame excuse for a game.
- The Nintendo logo looks like this: http://tinyurl.com/6z5mde and don't you forget it.
- I haven't played a Mario game since Mario64, which I couldn't bring myself to play for more than 20 minutes each time I've tried, on account of it being such a worthless piece of shit. This doesn't include Mario All-Stars and SMBW, which I play almost daily.
- Fallout sucked. Bought the Fallout Collection a few weeks ago, played for about ten minutes and switched it off. Perhaps this didn't give me time to form a proper opinion, I dunno. Either way, I wasn't having fun, so I killed that shit and played GRiD instead. (Which I'll have more to say about in a minute)
- Virtua Fighter went down the toilet after 2.
- Gran Turismo 3:A-Spec can eat festering flyblown rhino balls. GT4 can eat the same flyblown balls after 3's shat them out.
- Capcom Fighting Jam sucked. (Although it's hardly a sin to say so, that's more or less established fact.)
- Come to think of it, the only PS2 games I enjoyed were Tekken 5 and Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. The only reaosn I still own it is for these two games and the fact that it plays my DVD's.
- Never played a Metal Gear game.
- Enter The Matrix was okay. It wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't a good Matrix game. That said, I can't imagine what a good Matrix game would be. Better just to let the movies speak for themselves, I think.
- Team Fortress 2 sucks.
- Diablo 1 rocked. Diablo 2 sucked balls. I can't really put my finger on the difference, save to say that one's fun to play and the other isn't.
- Mafia was boring.
- S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sucked. If I wanted to play a fucking walking simulator, wherein you get all this gear together, get tooled up for some serious action, then fucking walk for an hour to get wherever it is you need to go, I'd play.....come to think of it, I wouldn't. I'd just go for a walk. Needless to say, I don't do that very often. BECAUSE IT'S BORING.
- Same goes for Morrowind. I walked for four hours trying to find the fucking Shulk Egg Mine in like the second fucking mission, then remembered I hate RPG's and promptly uninstalled it.
- The Need For Speed series has gone as follows: One sucked. Two was good. III:HP sucked. HP2 was good. UG1 sucked. UG2 was good. MW sucked. Carbon was good. Pro Street sucked. With this in mind, I'm actually quite looking forward to the next one, whatever it's called. (Undercover?)
- Halo sucked, for most of the same reasons GoldenEye sucked, with an added dose of cutesy shit that just doesn't let me take it seriously. Haven't played 2 or 3.
- Max Payne never really clicked with me. This is one of those games that I can appreciate as being a quality game, but nevertheless didn't really resound with me.
- I've never played a Game Boy Colour, Advance, SP, DS, PSP, or any other handheld since the Atari Lynx and the original Game Boy. Which reminds me, I must grab a Game Boy one of these days. I've had an itchin' to play Wario Land again for years.
- Starcraft can eat a dick.
- So can BioShock. Another example of a shitty game being hyped until people actually believe it's good.
- Psychonauts was a piece of shit. I can only imagine that Tim Schafer's penis cums mint chocolate sauce, the way everyone's lining up to heap praise on a bog standard casual-oriented platformer. Either that, or it's because he used to work at LucasArts. That's the only explanation I can give for the completely unwarranted attention this mediocre game has gotten.
- I haven't ever enjoyed a Mortal Kombat game, bearing in mind that I gave up trying after playing one too many of the two dozen different versions of Mortal Kombat 3 they foisted on us. Jesus, even Rise Of The Robots had characters with individual moves. Oh wait, that's right, the bosses had distinguishable fighting styles. In that the only way the coders could think of to raise the difficulty was to make them ridiculously cheap and leave the player to hope that the bosses don't simply ignore whatever you're attacking them with and just decide to lay in two or three kicks and end the round. Once again, a game built on a gimmick, then hyped to high heaven, fooling the sheep-like general public into thinking a crap game's good. Baaa!
- Final Fight was boring. I mean, how long can a fighting game with three moves REALLY be entertaining? Even Double Dragon II, on freakin' NES had it all over this piece of shit. Same goes for the sequels. (To Final Fight, I mean.)
- Speaking of which, Double Dragon III on NES sucked the big one. I only finished it because.....well, I don't really know why. I just did.
- I still haven't finished Super Mario Bros. 2. Must grit my teeth and do that some time.
- Unreal Tournament 3 on PC gets so many aspects wrong, and only does a few things right. Highly disappointed.

I could go on and on, but I think that's enough for now. Let's get on to....

----THE GOOD----
- Batman Returns on SNES is a prime example of a beat 'em up done right. This game kicks arse.
- Double Dragon II on NES remains one of my favourite games of all time, and I still finish it regularly.
- Rise Of The Triad kicks similar arse, then roasts it with a heat seeking missile.
- NBA Jam TE on SNES rocks.
- I spent a completely ridiculous amount of time playing True Lies on SNES. Mostly for the Harrier bit, level seven iirc.
- Judge Dredd on SNES wasn't bad. Wasn't awesome, but a decent play.
- Soul Blade on PS1 sucked up weeks of my life.
- Jedi Academy rocked, was miles better than JK2, which was still okay.
- Despite the performance issues, the ridiculous damage the peds could take, the rushed design and general piss-poorness that oozed from every orifice, I still managed to enjoy Postal 2.
- You must play Sega Saturn. That is the law.
- Wipeout 2097 is fantastic. Haven't played any others. Must get on to that.
- I fancy myself against just about anyone in Street Fighter Alpha 3. That's not to say that I consider myself a pro or anything, just that I've never been beaten and I really need some stiffer competition. No one wants to play me any more.
- I reckon Tekken 3 is the highlight of the series, bearing in mind that I haven't played DR or 6. Just feels....superior. Can't put my finger on it.
- Warlords III: Reign Of Heroes is the only strategy game I've ever liked.
- F.E.A.R. is one of the best game series released for anything, ever.
- Race Driver GRiD is freakin' awesome. In fact, barring a flawless showing of GTAIV on PC (because I ain't playing it with a gamepad), I think it'll end up being my personal Game Of 2008.
- The Source engine is truly a marvel. It's made of of optimised code, developer foresight and uncompromising attention to detail. Bravo, Valve.
- In spite of the horrendous sound bugs, I'm still playing GTA: San Andreas on my PC. I got the uncensored version the day it came out, and haven't stopped playing since. In fact, I was just playing it about an hour ago before I started typing this list :P
- AVP2 was fantastic. Must grab the first one some time.
- Freelancer is similarly great. Can't get enough of those nebulas, I just HAVE to see what's in them.
- Tekken 5 is top notch. I'm not terribly good at it, but that doesn't stop me just enjoying playing it.
- Far Cry was great, right up until the Trigens appeared, at which point it descended sharply into CrapTown, caught a case of terminal testicular herpes from a dead hooker in a dumpster and died painfully from the balls up. I'm only putting it in this list because of how good it was up until then.
- I'm crap at Point Blank, but I love it anyway.
- The original Virtua Fighter, on Saturn, was excellent. Never played it in the arcades.
- Raiden was loads of fun. (The vert-scroller, not the MK character)
- Sega Rally ruled.
- So did Killer Instinct. (Also missed that in the arcade. By the sounds of things, I'm missing a lot, too D= )
- Altered Beast was good. Or at least, I remember enjoying it. Don't want to play it again for fear of ruining it.
- Probotector (a robot re-skinning of Contra) was cool. Never knew about Contra until recently.
- If you're into emulation, I recommend a game called Kabuki Quantum Fighter on NES. It doesn't make any sense, but it's good for what ails you. Probably.
- Speaking of not making any sense, what the fuck was up with A Boy And His Blob? I remember playing that and wondering what the hell was going on, but enjoying myself nonetheless.
- Batman on NES was okay. Hard, but okay.
- Robocop 2 on NES was good. Or so I remember. Another game I don't want to play again and spoil.
- The Chaos Engine was made of win and legendary. Took me forever to finish it, and gave me intense satisfaction to do so. *NODE ACTIVATED!*
- Super Punch Out was also loads of fun. Could never get past Mr Sandman, but would happily play up until him, lose, then start over.
- I want a Terminator 2 pinball machine in my house. Oh god yes.
- Earthworm Jim remains one of the most individual and uniquely hilarious games ever released. Too bad about the sequel....
- Speaking of Shiny, MDK is a quality game. I'd love to see this get a good remaking with a modern graphics engine. The unique visual style had so much potential, but was sadly let down by the technology of the time.
- I cannot fucking believe they bothered to release Street Fighter Alpha 2 on SNES. But I'm awfully glad they did, as this was my pathway into the Alpha series.

I'm tired, going to bed. Don't flame me too hard, after all, YOU'RE the one who sucks :P

Edited by Takoma: 23/8/2008 3:14:51 AM

Quote by morris
You are what you eat ;P

And that makes me a baby.

23/8/08 3:53:21 AM

Tak: I kinda agree with a lot of the stuff you've said, but I think you may have missed the mark a touch :P

XBL: tangents

Dear Diary, a creepy giant stared at me today and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

Ug Lee 
23/8/08 6:19:22 AM

F3:TS sucked, so did its 3-branded predecessors, and in fact bearing in mind that I haven't played IV, SF died after Alpha 3. (Which is in fact my favourite in the series so far)
- Soul Calibur II and III sucked. Sucked HARD. Haven't played I or IV, but loved Soul Blade on PS1. Loved it long time.


Currently playing -

Madden NFL 09 (X360)
Soul Calibur 4 (X360)

23/8/08 7:29:40 AM

The last games I actually finished were Day Of The Tentacle and Sam and Max Hit The Road both on PC. (when they first came out..)
I haven't owned a PS1 for 4 years, but I can't let myself get rid of the games "just in case"
I think most of the Xbox1 games I played were fairly lacklustre. Thank god for XBMC.
I really enjoy the balance and rhythm games in WiiFit.

Edited by iain671: 23/8/2008 07:30:40 AM

I know what "Welcome to the real world" means. And I like it.

The End 
23/8/08 7:57:01 AM

Quote by Takoma
RAR! Good games are shit!

You're the guy with famously bad movie taste as well, right?

If it wasn't for that, I'd be calling fakepost for sure.

Holy shit.

The proof is in the pudding.

The pudding... of their doom.

23/8/08 10:13:36 AM

Lol Tak, that was a shopping list of grievances and dislikes, rather than gaming sins, but I giggled most of the way through it.

I'll add my list tonight.


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