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Get your WAREZ here!
20/4/07 8:37:02 AM


With the proliferation of new consoles and an increased interest in consoles I figured it would be worth laying this out for you all to plainly see, especially any members who don't visit your cousin PC Gaming subforum where this is posted as well (Thanks moz!).

If you’re looking for warez, go elsewhere.

The at0mic community supports games developers and companies by paying for their games.

This means, quite simply, that warez posts are not allowed.

Further, if a post has links to warez/serials/keygens it will be deleted.

So, play by the rules and everyone is happy. Not only that, but you’ll save yourself from the flaming of a lifetime and a clip over the ear from the mods!

And to quote Bill and Ted… Be excellent to each other!


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