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Bioshock or STALKER?
10/9/08 12:48:06 AM
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Now that I have a new megauberninjaPC, I can catch up on some games that I missed out on while my old PC wasn't grunty enough.

Which game did you enjoy more: Bioshock or STALKER?

I like single-player games with interesting storylines and ideas, and not too much of shooting the same thing over and over and over.

I came. I saw. I did not concur.

10/9/08 1:00:30 AM

Wow... thats a tough one. Both has excellent storylines and RPG elements. As much fun as Bioshock was it just didn't live up to being the successor of System Shock 2. It did have excellent story and atmosphere. The second half's gameplay fell short though the big daddies become way too easy to kill while you are killing the same splicers over and over again.

Stalker wasn't very polished the last time i played it though, may have improved with patches. But if you can live with some bugs here and there its got good combat, with great atmosphere and some cool baddies.

I'd go Bioshock for storyline and ideas, but stalker for gameplay. In the long run though get both.

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10/9/08 1:01:57 AM

I can't comment for Stalker, but Bioshock's story is basically just a rehash of System Shock 2, with less space and more water, so it may or may not be the place to go for an interesting plot depending on your previous gameplay experience. It does a wonderful job of building a atmosphere of claustrophobia and horror for the first 2-3 levels then falls flat on its arse as it degrades into a lame console shooter where you will shot the same thing over and over...

Is it worth playing? Definitely. Worth paying more then $30 for? Maybe not. Will you play it more then once? Probably doubtful at best.

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10/9/08 1:02:56 AM

Rules out BioShock then. All you do is shoot the same three or four enemies over and over and over and over, with plasmid upgrades providing about five minutes distraction. The controls are also terrible, the mouse is sluggish and it seems to have been very badly ported from console thumbsticks. The dialogue is hard to make out, the level design is confusing in parts, and the story is presented through audio clips from tape recorders you pick up, providing bits and pieces here and there which need to be pieced together in your head, assuming you can remember where it left off for each character three levels on.

Very unimpressed with BioShock.

Mind you, I'm no big fan of STALKER either, but I'd be more likely to give it a second chance over BioShock.

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10/9/08 1:08:01 AM

No choice really.
Bioshock is like SS2, except not nearly as good as SS2.

As Ihsan said, Bioshock is great for the first few levels, then gets ridiculously repetitive.

STALKER on the other hand might shit you to tears with its fairly realistic firearm physics - that's the one complaint I've heard time and time again, and it's basically because people expect it to be similar to Doom or HL where if you aim with the crosshairs you should hit it. That's not true at all in STALKER. There is, however, a lot of shooting at stuff, but there's a heap of shooting at stuff in bioshock anyway.

The atmosphere of both is good, however I find STALKER to be a more consistent gameplay experience, and Bioshock really does lose its appeal after the first few levels.

Don't get the new one just yet though, apparently it's as buggy as all hell QQ grab the original.


Shirley, You Jest! 
10/9/08 8:08:22 AM

Stalker all the way. Nice open areas, some real scares and atmosphere.

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10/9/08 8:51:47 AM

STALKER. One of the best games I've played in a while.

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10/9/08 9:05:45 AM

I actually prefered Bioshock. Having never played SS2 I can't really compare it to that. I really couldn't get into stalker, I tried, it really just didn't grab me, bioshocks story engrossed me from the start tho.


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10/9/08 9:08:54 AM

STALKER. You may be fighting similar enemies, but at least there's a reason for it. You are in the Zone mang.

Also no levelling bullshit. You just get better equipment as you go. That doesn't mean you can withstand a rocket to the face though. Or several high powered rounds hitting your face.

I played BioShock for a little bit. Story was cool. Gameplay was.. kill some splicers, move on, kill more splicers, move on, etc, etc.

At least in STALKER it was random encounters. Enemies weren't always in the same spot since they were roaming in groups or whatnot.


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