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Does anybody else love rainbow 6 vegas 2
4/9/08 7:21:22 PM

The more i play this game the more i like it, the story or terrorist hunt option adds so much to it, its nearly endless. I think its equally as good as COD4, maybe better. Any thoughts?


4/9/08 8:14:01 PM
I have to totally agree with you. I enjoyed COD4 but Vag2 is brillant also. Great single and multiplayer.


5/9/08 8:27:29 AM

I dont mind it, might have to give it another try with my new graphics card and cpu i spose.

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5/9/08 9:54:35 AM
I'd tell you my thoughts but i don't have either of those games. (Sad Face)


5/9/08 1:34:12 PM

I have just got a new wonder rig but a mate and I take it round for round online in terrorist hunt.

The expansion pack is free and rad great new levels. A few things shit me about the game though. All enemies come in waves of 8 once you know that its very easy to smash the first 16 per level.

There is NO stealth as soon as you single headshot with silenced pistol all hell breaks loose gives me the shits I would love to take out the tangos more quietly.

I also hate the lack of team play online we always host but its always a charging kill fest! I can't wait to play some 2 player with an actual rear guard and observant backup.

I also lost my favourite gun :( it was an acurate rifle with 51 rounds that didn't shake to shit when firing lots.

The game rocks hard!

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