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Prison Struggle
2/9/08 1:33:22 PM

You are invited to join Mara Salvatrucha…the up and coming Prison Struggle gang with big plans!

All new gang members get the following as a sign up gift from the gang…

- $10,000 sign on bonus
- Bible (armour) as a loan
- Knife (weapon) as a loan

We are looking for active members, who are looking to rise up the ranks.

Members who are high contributors to the gang will get weapon and armour upgrades…we look after our active members.

You also get access to our experience – we can give you various game tips and advice.

Hope to have you among our members soon.


Currently 5 Atomicans in the gang...


Edited by TrickBox: 2/9/2008 1:42:39 PM

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3/9/08 10:34:28 PM

The dude on the splash looks like he picks up the soap.

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die." Jean-Paul Sartre.

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