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View poll results: Which game are you most looking forward too?
Fallout 3 23 28.05%
Dawn of War II 6 7.32%
Far Cry 2 12 14.63%
Red Alert 3 7 8.54%
Spore 5 6.1%
Left 4 Dead 7 8.54%
STALKER: Clear Sky 6 7.32%
Velvet Assassin 0 0%
Multiwinia 0 0%
Other (specify) 16 19.51%
Voters: 82
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Which upcoming game are you most looking forward to?
2/9/08 4:23:15 PM

Left4dead is the main one i'm looking forward to.

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Quote by Gharphield
I'm with Slurms :)


2/9/08 4:34:03 PM

STALKER: Clear Sky

Fallout 3 i have high hopes for but until i play it im not expecting a huge improvement over oblivion and i read they are not releasing a editor with it so moding will be a bit slower to take of than oblivion

farcry 2 could be some fun

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2/9/08 5:52:13 PM

Quote by tailgunner
I'm with Tak, GTAIV. I've managed to avoid all contact with the game so far :)

I've touched the game enough to want it bad. A friend had the 360 version at a LAN. Dayum it looks like it'll be fun!

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2/9/08 7:22:28 PM

Definetly Fallout 3. I mean the game just has so much going or it. Also I never played the first games in the series (yes i did try about 2 years ago but honestly the turn based stuff and poor graphics just prevented me getting into it unfortunately though there was most assurededly a great game in there and it wouldve been perfect when it came out).

So it is a chance for me to connect with the past a bit. I also am very excited to see how Bethseda pull it off as I feel they are a really dynamic development team who have their finger on the pulse and are able to pull off a game that is deep, complex and challenging, yet still accessible, with tons of personality and above all fun.

I wish I could say DoW 2 but i am still pissed off that Soulstorm has not ben patched at all which is really a total disgrace. So I will be voting with my wallet. No more relic/thq games till soulstorm is patched.

Also why isnt Diablo 3 on the list? I am definetly looking forward to that and it is on my buy on sight list.

Also Empire: Total War? looks sensational however i still have Medieval TW2 on my shelf unplayed lol.

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2/9/08 7:30:20 PM

Will Fallout 3 still be edited for Australia?

Still might have to try it I guess.

Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 are looking pretty damn good for me.

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2/9/08 7:34:54 PM

ive more or less assigned RA3 to the "milking a franchise dry" bin, less out of research and more after looking at the wakes left by generals and the recent pair of tiberium wars games. im hoping that some of maxis' epicness will shine throught he layer of EA grime in spore.

otherwise, bring on starcraft 2!


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2/9/08 7:53:09 PM

DCS: Black Shark


2/9/08 9:01:20 PM

Quote by MedicineBaby Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 are looking pretty damn good for me.

Diablo III will still be a whiel off, wont it? It's only just been announced recently. And have they given a relase date for SC2?

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2/9/08 9:55:45 PM

No release on SC2 or Diablo 3, as far as I can tell. But I can wait and stick with CS:Source for a while longer :D

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2/9/08 10:03:57 PM
In no particular order, the games I'm most looking forward to:

Dragon Age: Origins (if I had to pick, this would be at the top of the list)
Diablo 3
Wrath of the Lich King
Left 4 Dead
Half Life 2: Episode 3

Games I'll definitely be looking into:

Far Cry 2
The Force Unleashed
Fallout 3


2/9/08 10:33:30 PM

games im awaiting with great anticipation

-half life 2 ep3 (im a hl fanboy :P)
-the next two sequels of mass effect
-the force unleashed

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2/9/08 10:41:12 PM

Mafia 2
Alan Wake

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3/9/08 12:33:31 AM

STALKER: Clear Sky/Fallout 3. :D


Blue Fire 
3/9/08 3:28:37 AM

The only game I am looking forward to is Project Origin.

I guess FEAR really did have a huge impact on me. :)

Other games like GTA4, Far Cry 2, L4D, Doom 4, Rage, Prototype, Fallout 3, NFS:UC and COD:WAW I will look into.

But as for Spore, TS3 and RA3, I will pass.

Edited by Blue Fire: 3/9/2008 3:28:53 AM

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3/9/08 8:25:51 AM

Im also interested in checking out The Sims 3 - Seems your no longer stuck int he house, but have the full neighbourhood to roam in

Should provide some interesting ways to kill people >.>

(\ (\
( ^_^)
( (")(")

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3/9/08 1:46:18 PM

Starcraft 2 and GTA4 for PC.

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3/9/08 1:56:29 PM

1. Crysis Warhead - 13 Days
2. COD WOW - 50 Days ish
3. D3 - TBA

I have avoided GTA4 like the plague to and hope it maps and plays well with the XBOX360 controller on PC (Mouse + KB GTA blows)

I have just got a brand new Crysis bashing machine and pretty much have every PC game from the last year to look forward to. Its a big list.

Also 3 days into grid and I love it!

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3/9/08 2:01:17 PM
Definitely Red Alert 3 is on the top of my list, then Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, NFS: Undercover, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and of course WoW WOTLK.

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3/9/08 2:03:03 PM

FarCry 2.

Given that they've been showing videos of it for a year or so since before scheduled release, we can at least hope it doesn't have the crap final third like Far Cry.

And hopefully it won't be the visual delight combined with gaming disappointment of Crysis.

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3/9/08 5:55:11 PM
Fallout followed by red alert. Surely Fallout will be good! They always are when they are banned.


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