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A revolution for the MMORPG genre.
2/9/08 3:58:01 PM

might i say... dynamic lighting was introduced back in the Q2 engine... any chance of something other than cl_fullbright 1

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2/9/08 6:38:22 PM

Quote by Meeko
So everybody in Eve is evil?

depends how you rate evil. all the big alliances are evil, more or less. the smaller corps range from very evil to totally benevolent. most PEOPLE in eve are nice, or at least not unpleasent. its when you lump them togather in very alrge groups that evil emerges.


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6/9/08 9:06:46 AM
Quote by Sir_Substance
i would like to say in the nicest possible way that this looks remarkably like you are advertising the game ...

however, i would like to flag my stern disapproval that your first post in our fine community is not a friendly joining-in post, but the pimping of a game you may or may not be affiliated with. i find such an act rather offensive, as it would indicate you think of us as potential consumers rather then potential friends.


You know guys (referring to all Atomic Forum Regulars here), when I first started posting on these boards it was because I wanted to bring issues to do with the game Pirates of the Burning Sea to your attention and the attention of the people who publish Atomic.
At the time, a few posters accused me of the same thing (being a shill).

I made those posts then because I could see serious issues with the way things were going with that game in relation to Australian and New Zealand subscribers. So, I attempted to give you guys the right info and links so that you could make a good decision.
At the time I took a lot of flack here (accused of being a shill), at MMORPG.com (accused of being a troll and a hater) and at FLS's own boards (attacked by fanbois for being a troll amongst other things).
As it turns out - I was right.

This board is about games. When I find a new game with potential I come here to look for topics on it. If there is no thread I will often start one. In fact, I did this again yesterday with another new game.

I think the OP did much the same thing. Is he advertising?
Well yes, in a way he is.
But, someone would have raised it sooner or later anyway.
And, I would be very disappointed to be a regular on a game forum where others did not bring new games to the forums attention?
Imagine if Dawn of War 2 was released and no-one in the Atomic Community had even heard about it?

Anyway, on Darkfall, my comment would be: Potential but still Vaporware.
I know that's harsh - but the MMO genre is becoming known for colossal let downs lately.
Aion is another one that looks nice... but I don't think anyone has actually seen it working yet?
How can we forget Gods and Heros, Star Trek Online and the whole PE debacle?
Then there is AoC... 'nuff said?
I for one am reluctant to really say too much about MMOs in development until they are live.


6/9/08 10:59:31 AM

Quote by gyrus
Anyway, on Darkfall, my comment would be: Potential but still Vaporware.
I know that's harsh - but the MMO genre is becoming known for colossal let downs lately.


Hardly vapourware of they're having an open beta.

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6/9/08 11:38:29 AM

A beta test isn't a final release, open or closed.

ALso, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VaporWare_(company) lol

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6/9/08 12:35:06 PM
Quote by maxamatosis

Hardly vapourware of they're having an open beta.

Gods and Heroes.
The pre-order boxes were already being sold.

I rest my case.


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