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Get your WAREZ here!
26/3/08 9:02:29 PM


If you’re looking for warez, go elsewhere.

The at0mic community supports games developers and companies by paying for their games.

This means, quite simply, that warez posts are not allowed.

Further, if a post has links to warez/serials/keygens it will be deleted.

To quote directly from the at0mic FAQ….

Q: I need a Counter-Strike CD key!

A: Then buy a retail copy of the game. Warez posts are not allowed. Also, do NOT post any links, etc to NO-CD cracks as these are illegal. Even if you legitimately purchase a copy of the game!

So, play by the rules and everyone is happy. Not only that, but you’ll save yourself from the flaming of a lifetime and a clip over the ear from the mods!

And to quote Moz who Quoted Bill and Ted ... Be excellent to each other!

Edited by Gharphield: 16/4/2008 07:16:44 AM

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