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3D Solar System - help with stereoscopy
5/9/08 9:01:38 AM

For a CAD major project I decided to try and model our solar system and had the brainwave of doing it in proper 3D, ie, using those 3D glasses you get when you go to the iMax.
Well anyway, I have done a bit of reading online and got a grounding on what it's all about, but I was hoping some people on here might have done the same sort of thing in the past and could lead me in the right direction in terms of software to get, which sort of glasses to use (can polarized 3D glasses work with normal monitors?) and any other hints/tips you have.



6/9/08 1:49:40 AM

I don't know if it helps

I rememebr ages ago i used to see in swapmeets programs that would interface with comptuer drivers to turn everythign on the screen 3d

trackmania nations also has an option to have the game 3d

so using polerising glasses is certianly possible.

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8/9/08 1:40:06 PM

The polarising glasses (the unpowered ones) will not work without a special LCD or LCD projector, as far as I can see.

If you use a normal monitor, you need the LCD glasses that filter each side out by flickering.


8/9/08 3:13:34 PM

The flickering LCD glasses need a monitor that can do 120Hz refresh rate, as that gives you 60Hz in each eye, which is fast enough for your brain to be deceived.

I think the cheapest and easiest option for you would be to do the coloured glasses style of 3dness.

a good link here for reading

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