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Abit Exits Motherboard Market.
29/8/08 7:29:09 AM

Abit will stop producing all motherboards by the end the year.
They said that they will honour any RMAs and warranties for the next three years.

Not much I can say.


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29/8/08 9:20:54 AM

Sad to see it happen, but it's been on the cusp of happening for a while now I think.

Had an Abit socket A board once upon a time, was a good board.
Their enthusiast boards recently apparently weren't to shabby either.

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29/8/08 9:22:16 AM

Sad ... pity it was Abit not ASRock.

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29/8/08 10:51:10 AM
ABit made some decent motherboards.

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29/8/08 12:23:20 PM

I havent used nor heard of anyone using Abit in AGES so not surprising.

And Jeruselem, whats with the ASRock hate? my closest LAN runs 80 of their boards. Im running 2, a close mate who upgraded his system runs one.

all stable, all with features others dont have.

Lets see abit do Tripple video out using its GPU and the onboard at the same time... oh wait.

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29/8/08 12:29:56 PM

who's next I wonder?

....it's called a 'snuke'.

29/8/08 1:33:43 PM

Isn't ASRock just the budget arm of ASUS?

It is a shame that Abit have come to an end, though. They've made many fine boards over the years.

There are other companies that would be more expendable, me thinks. Without having ever used one of their boards, Jetway comes to mind. :)

Manufacturers will come and go, though. Aopen don't see mterribly active in mobo land these days. Same with EPoX. My last PC had an Albatron motherboard, which I suspect have ceased, too.

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29/8/08 6:07:17 PM

Not too surprising. They've been gradually getting worse, competitively, since the P4 days.

What will poor ole Fata1ity do for a crumb now?

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29/8/08 7:32:42 PM

They produced boards with poor layout then they had no redeeming features in the overclocking or just plain performance stakes.

Not sure if they had any stability problems but just due to the above, there was no good reason to buy an Abit board...

Also regarding ASRock...yeah they are the budget arm of ASUS and produce very solid although no frills motherboards.

They also tended to introduce freaky chipset enhancements, like letting you run certain new processors that weren't necessarily compatible with a chipset so you wouldn't have to pay a lot of money to run a new processor.

I also remember they released a motherboard with both AGP and PCI-Express capability when PCI-Express was just getting started.

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29/8/08 8:39:15 PM

damn. i have one of there fatal1ty boards, an FI-90HD, and its awesome. microatx, ATI chipset, and i have my e6400 at 2.8 in it. one of the few decent abit boards.

they didnt produce much good stuff tho, but when they did it was really good.

RIP ABIT motherboard arm

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31/8/08 3:01:30 PM

Too bad. I used to own a Abit AN7 which was a brilliant board to go with my Athlon XP 2800+. That was a ripper of a combo but sadly, it's gone with all the upgrades I do.

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31/8/08 4:32:57 PM

And another ones gone, and another ones gone, and another one bites the dust!

This is becoming oh so common these days, as the heavy weight names are getting stronger, these smaller more generic brands are struggling and dying off.

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2/9/08 3:25:00 PM
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Fark. My mobo was until recently a Max3. It was an awesome board, too.

Hard to believe things can go downhill so quickly.

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4/9/08 8:00:42 PM

Still running an IC7-G in my main system... Best board I've ever owned :(

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5/9/08 11:09:18 PM

Quote by Virtuoso
Fark. My mobo was until recently a Max3. It was an awesome board, too.

Hard to believe things can go downhill so quickly.

I too had a MAX3 and it was great stable board. RIP Abit.

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6/9/08 12:26:01 PM

Quote by eckythump
Manufacturers will come and go, though. Aopen don't see mterribly active in mobo land these days. Same with EPoX. My last PC had an Albatron motherboard, which I suspect have ceased, too.

EPoX are still going, they just don't have a distributor in Australia anymore unfortunately.

I had 2 EPoX boards, an 8RDA6+ Pro, then an EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra. I was looking at upgrading past that 9NPA but found there was no longer an aussie distributor


6/9/08 1:46:53 PM

i had a NF7-S V2 i think it was, And the epox board i has was a 8k3pa or something, how are epox doing in other markets atm?

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6/9/08 1:59:13 PM

I had an NF7-S V2 too, it was a heck of a board. Too bad I never really got to push my 2400 XP-M with it.


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7/9/08 12:45:41 AM

Damn, I have fond, fond memories of my (yep, you guessed it) NF7-S.

Still works, despite the scorch marks on the PCI slot from a TV tuner catching fire inside the case :)

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7/9/08 1:08:16 AM

sad to see them go, had good experiences with their NF7-S and IC7-MAX3, but they don't have anything special recently, the rather plain IX38-QuadGT is pretty good for the price though...

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