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Recommend me a gps that is great value for my money
23/8/08 12:27:47 PM

Hi just wondering if anyone could give me some info on some good gps hardware out there. Its for the car (obviously)

Is there a known best brand?
Is there a known best model?
What brands should I avoid?
Is there a particular shop that has some great deals?

It must have blutooth hands free

I will be doing some research of my own however I'd like some opinions from you guys first.


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23/8/08 2:50:19 PM

1. for only a little more, consider one of the N series nokia phones?

they have all the features you want and you get a new phone!

if not,

2. The TomTom ONE is very popular around here.

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MSGT Bilko 
27/8/08 1:45:22 AM

I all depends on what you want to connect it to.

If you want a standalone unit, that you sit on your front windscreen you should be looking at the Tomtom, from what i hear.

If your looking for something else that you plug into a car-pc there are units avaliable for that as well.


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27/8/08 9:44:34 AM

I'm a fan of the Mio C520.

Its easy to use, widescreen, bluetooth connectivity, text to speech.
Its cheaper than the tom tom, garmin, navman and so on.

otherwise HP make a nice unit (i think it ends up being a pda with a gps and gps software). It has a higher res than any of the other GPS' and its quick.

By the way, this is assuming you want a on-road navigator.

If its for 4wd then stuff it all, get an eeepc, oziexplorer, and a gps and NATMAP RASTER maps and off you go.


The Tick 
27/8/08 2:19:10 PM

This is really something that you need to have a look at yourself to be honest. Reason being that my personal opinion will be different from others such as Poephol. It's really going to be budget + personal preference.

As an owner of the Mio C520 and various Tom Toms (previously owned and owned by family members) I would probably go a Tom Tom again.

The Mio has a lovely sized screen but I find navigating it far worse than every other Tom Tom I have used. I like the layout of the Tom Tom and the models I have used seem to deal better with glare than other GPSs I have seen in cars.

The only reason I have the Mio was due to a giveaway with an LCD TV. If my wife didn't love her Tom Tom One and didn't hate the Mio I would have swapped it ;)

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30/8/08 11:54:12 AM

Why must it have Bluetooth Hands free?

In most cases you would be better off getting a stand alone handsfree, at least that way you can leave the hands free in your car when you don't need/have the GPS. Means your also not stuck buying a higher end unit when you upgrade next time.

I use a Navman S30 (which is under $300 these days) and it's excellent.

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