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Logitech Harmony One remote?
26/8/08 11:28:59 AM

Yep, it works just fine with XBMC.

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29/8/08 9:15:41 AM

Lemme know how it goes kikz!

I've never really had any interest in universal remotes, as I didn't really get how it could do the fiddly stuff that I do reasonably often (change picture/setup options, toggle screen aspect ratios etc), and while I know they can't do EVERY little thing, I did one of my regular online surveys today for the Harmony range, and learned a bit more about them, so I've decided I want one now haha...

Been lookin around the place, seen there's a whole range of these things (525 or whatever that some have mentioned here, 785, 880, 100i, and the new Harmony One), and it's pretty hard to get a good comparison across the board at any one point in time; obviously the older ones all seem to've been reviewed, like 2005-2007, so had 'cons' of price etc, whereas they're cheaper now so I'd love to know how they compare to the newer ones.

I'm actually sorta closing in on the 1000i (so kinda glad you got that one; and that you found it for that price! Used to retail for $699 but seeing a few places now doing them for ~$270 etc), and the new 'Harmony One' (which I've found for $250, despite RRP $399).

I only choose these two as the One seems to be the newest (so presumably the most advanced/feature-packed/bug-free), and the 1000i WAS the most expensive, for which I assume there was a good reason ha.

I've always been fine with multiple remotes, but I'm sure the wife would appreciate 'watch DVD' button or whatever turning on all the relevant devices, and especially if it can turn on my Logitech z5450s, to the right input (Hector? You've got those speakers, does it handle them too?).

Got 5 remotes now I think, in the main room ... Samsung LCD, Samsung Blu-ray player, Xbox 360 A/V remote, Logitech z5450 speakers, Sony HD STB... swear there's 6 in my little remote caddy, but honestly what the other one would be...

There's good crossover between the remotes in some cases - the Sony HD STB remote can control Samsung TV (power, volume, source), and the Sammy Blu-ray remote does the same and more (due to same brand of course), but still, I like new shiny stuff!

If this lets you control ALL with the one remote, wife'll be happy, and my toy-lust'll be sated... for a month or so...

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29/8/08 9:30:05 AM

Yeah, my older 525 handles those speakers fine. Being Logitech also, they're perfectly compatible together...just use the config software, junp online and download the settings to the remote. Simple as.

As for options and functions (ie. Screen ratio, setup options), you'd actually be really surprised at how many of the functions you can layout in the remote's menu screen. I've no doubt that newer versions are even more comprehensive too!

You've got the same tele as me too don't you? Anyway, most "big brands" have preset config files (for want of a better word) that you DL and you're pretty much set!

Re-configing menus and button-binding's really pretty easy with the software too.

I really was amazed at the simplicity...and the missus is happy cause there's less clutter (dunno why that would bother her :P ) but one touch switching from Xbox to TV-tuner and having audio channel's and TV input flick over at once is now a doddle...no more playing "guess the correct remote from under the coffee table".

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29/8/08 9:58:44 AM

Well done better than me hector. I also have a Samsung TV LA32R81BDX to be precise along with a Dvico TVIX PVR and an NEC DVD/VHS player. Main issue is getting the TV to the right input when I use an activity. For some reason the bloody thing always goes to the wrong one.
I assume I have cocked something up in the setup but I have found it so bloody frustrating that I have chucked the 525 in the corner and gone back to my 3 separate remotes.

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29/8/08 10:06:59 AM

Yeah our telly's pretty similar hec, if not identical.

Cool, looking forward to it now... come on payday...

"A wise man... proportions his belief to the evidence" - David Hume, On Miracles

29/8/08 12:37:31 PM

I'm fairly satisfied with the Harmony 1000i. It does handle changing TV ratios correctly (ie "Full", "Normal", "Zoom", "Zoom Wide" on my telly). As far as dedicated AV hardware goes (TV's, Receivers, DVD, STB etc), I've haven't found a thing I want it to do that it doesn't. The configuration was relatively easy to use. Took maybe 30 mins of playing around to know how to programming macros in and how to update remote signals for stuff it didn't have in it's database.

Something I'd like to be able to do is upload images for any button I want, but especially the main Macro Buttons.

As of now I haven't got the Media Center part setup completely. There was no hardware option to say "I'm using MS Media Center on whatever computer". The only options were inputting my specific HTPC (which it had - Dell Dimension 9150) , but that didn't help. To get around that I manually updated the Harmony with my Media Center remote. I still haven't got the Media Center button working (the one that starts Media Center - the big green button).

I'd like to be able to programme the remote to set up macros within Media Center. So when I hit "Watch DivX", it'll go straight to "My Videos" within Media Center. That might be doable, just require a little more learning and fiddling on my part.

Overall I'm satisfied with the result. A friend, who has an earlier model normal style remote expressed that I might not like the feel of the remote, as it's sqaure and not normal shaped. Hasn't cause any negativity.

I got home last night and flopped down in front of the telly when the wife reminded me I didn't close the garage door. I searched the remote but coudln't see a button for that, so I had to get off the couch. That sucked, but then the garage operates on radio not IR :p

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29/8/08 12:58:17 PM

haha sounds good - thanks!

I think the new one's the one for me... the One :-)

I found CNET's reviews, of all of them (also a piece reviewing different brands), the 785 came out on top, and their review of Harmony One calls it the replacement of the 785, so that sounds like it'd be the better one to go for, especially since I've found it for $250.

I like the large screen of the 1000i, but it mentions not being able to create custom stuff or re-arrange the functions, and I wanna customize the hell out of the thing (if I can't make it say 'Watch Blu-ray' I'll be peeved, and it sounds like the One is most likely able to do that).

Edited by thylacine: 29/8/2008 03:24:12 PM

"A wise man... proportions his belief to the evidence" - David Hume, On Miracles

30/8/08 2:57:43 PM

I have the Harmony XBoX 360 remote and it works a treat with STB, DVD-R, Foxtel, TV, XBMC, Sony Stereo (and the heater ;P)

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4/9/08 9:40:21 PM

Well, I've just bought the 525 for $60 posted... we'll see how it goes this weekend!

Got all your macros etc sorted now kikz?

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