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private surfing, how???
22/8/08 7:13:12 PM

Quote by TheSecret
Quote by Midnighter
Quote by gazdude67
The otyer option is to not look at all those sites in the first place, just use the computer to rip and burn DVD's as they were designed to do!

Well, you just completely wasted a post by spitting shit, and not remotely offering any real answer. Idiot.


Since I already gave an answer previously, you come off looking as stupid as usual. Funny that, eh princess? :)

Now, who's following who around looking to score points? Silly bitch.

Edited by Midnighter: 22/8/2008 07:14:12 PM

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22/8/08 9:27:38 PM


Let's keep it civil or I'll lock it and those that have been warned before about personal insults will find they can't log in.

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24/8/08 8:39:20 PM

Quote by Meeko
What's wrong with the "Delete all private data" option in FF? You can even set it to automatically run every time you close the browser, too. Just make sure you set it to delete everything.

That's what I was thinking.
It is what I do on every PC I get online with (except my home one)


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