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(i dont believe myself) PC vs Console
5/8/08 2:26:14 PM

Quote by Fat_Bodybuilder
I just bought an XBOX controller for my PC, wireless, black, sexy. Now I am able to play my racing sims AND my other games on PC with an awesome feeling of enjoyment.

And I can plug my keyboard and mouse into my PS3 - as I said before the controller issue is fairly weak. It's an input medium issue, not a platform issue.


5/8/08 4:00:35 PM

Quote by superfireydave
Quote by Fat_Bodybuilder
I just bought an XBOX controller for my PC, wireless, black, sexy. Now I am able to play my racing sims AND my other games on PC with an awesome feeling of enjoyment.

And I can plug my keyboard and mouse into my PS3 - as I said before the controller issue is fairly weak. It's an input medium issue, not a platform issue.

But since most PC games support both KB+M AND gamepad input, but only a tiny, miniscule, select few titles on console support KB+M (if any, I don't know of any offhand, fill me in plox?), does it not then BECOME a platform issue? Seeing as how the differentiator is in fact the platform on which the games appear, even amongst titles appearing on both?


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5/8/08 4:08:11 PM

Developers Tak.
Some gamepads don't work WELL with PC, because the developers have been average with their driver inclusions etc or the games are really old. Same deal with consoles really. The platforms support it, it's just a case of developers not doing it.


6/8/08 10:13:30 PM

Quote by superfireydave
Quote by Apocrypha
Man, I'm a gamer, not a developer, I don't care if PC requires you to master ancient Mayan code to write programs for it.

Even in your example about your parents' work computer, you are being unfair. Without going into the specs, I'd wager that all you need in it is a 4850 and away you go, happy 720p gamer. Same as what the X360 runs at, and in most games, you can happily run at 1080p. Plus those costs you list are an exaggeration. Buy an E8400 for $189 from MSY and a 4850 from Megaware for $197 and you have a sub-$400 upgrade to your PC that will let you play any game you want for the rest of this year, and even enable some decent eye candy too.

So that's $1200 for a computer that plays games worse than a 360 or PS3. Wow. Good call.

And yes, I LIVE in a world without a TV. They have beena rort for years. I use my 2707WFP and a $50 TV card and get a better picture at a higher res for $850 that what I would get buying a $2000 32" full HD LCD.
How exactly do you get your TV at a higher res than 1080p given that most high def TV isn't even broadcasted at 1080p let alone a resolution higher? Please, tell me - I'm really intrigued.
And if I bought a console I could just slap it in via HDMI-DVI or component.

TVs and consoles are for people that want to consume entertainment and don't think about the costs, or, more importantly, they do not explore the alternatives.

PC + TV card + bluray drive + decent GPU + big LCD monitor = win.

Yeah, because the PC + the drive + the GPU will be cheaper in any way shape or form than a console. Another good call.
P.S. Games are cheaper on PC, you can order from overseas, or from Steam etc., or torrent them.
This is pretty much the only legitimate point you've managed to pull out of your ass. Cheaper prices. And you're right - games are cheaper on PC. That, and the PC has some really nice exclusive titles plus it gets most 360 exclusives.

You missed my point about better picture. Resolution is the same, but my sexy Dell monitor has better colour representation and better contrast than the V series Bravia that's $2000. Plus, the monitor colous standard, which is much broader than the HDTV one, is the measurement in which the Dell really shines. So, yes, better picture.

Man, you seriously are not getting the point I have been making all along.

IF YOU DO NOTHING WITH YOUR ELECTRONICS BUT GAME, then TV + Console is great -- cheap, easy, and simple.

IF YOU, LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD, check email, browse the net, type word documents, upload and edit photos, BURN CDs and DVDs, etc. etc.

THEN -- ready for it?

you would be stupid to buy a PC, to do all of those things, AND a console and a TV to game, when you CAN just buy a PC to do ALL of those things. Such a solution would be cheaper AND better.

What's more, the game performance on a PC with an E8400 and a 48x0 will be amazing -- you'll play every game made in the last 5 years (except Crysis) with amazing visuals (e.g. AA, AF etc etc) that aren't even AVAILABLE on a console.

Get it now? The versatility of the PC platform means that when you merge all the functions that your major consumer electronics need to perform onto the single machine, you get not only a more flexible experience, but a better one for less money.

I reiterate: PC + TV card + bluray drive + decent GPU + big LCD monitor = win.

Quote by s.o.u.p!
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6/8/08 11:11:31 PM

You can run your console through your monitor that gives you a "better picture".
I fail to see where the TV comes into this.
Who would have thought, on a PC you can play PC exclusives. But wait! You can't play MGS 4! Or Soul Calibur 4! Or a host of other games.

Your basic $800 office PC + a $50 TV card + a $300 BluRay drive + $300 GPU + $800 moniter gives you the exact same gaming potential as a $500 console + $800 monitor + $800 computer.

Which ones cheaper? The Console.
In games, they'll perform very comparably, especially at 1080p (1920 x 1200 for PC so technically it is working a little harder). Even though the consoles hardware isn't as good as the PC's, the fact a developer can aim for a fixed set of specs makes it much, much, much easier to figure out the limitations and to do the best you can do.

"IF YOU, LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD, check email, browse the net, type word documents, upload and edit photos" Wow, I can do that on my console. Yet another fantastic arguement. I can't burn CD's and DVD's but that's really cheap to do on a PC, as is the rest. The $800 computer I've got sitting around the computer that can't play games could do that.

Get it now? I really don't give a crap that you're in love with PC's. I am too. I've also the ability to remove myself from the situation and analyse it and realise that consoles are a very sensible choice for playing games, and that most people will at some stage own both because most people realise that a console's a really good gaming platform whereas the PC is a multipurpose platform which is what I've been saying the whole time.

Really though, I don't even know why I enter these threads. Every other thread I've debated the technical aspects of the operating systems, how this influences development etc and I get a bunch of ignorant people going "NURRRRRR THAT'S IRRELEVANT BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW GAMES AREN'T INFLUENCED BY DEVELOPEEEERS" so I enter this one trying not to mention any of the numerous points that make a console an excellent gaming system - all of which are realised by anyone that develops for them. Obviously what developers like has no bearing though, they only make the games after all, and when we're talking about gaming then games are really irrelevant, right?


I don't care anymore, you can have your stupid dell and eat it.


10/8/08 6:37:46 AM

Just bought a PS3 for the blu-ray support, always been a PC die hard though.

I refuse to play BF : BC without a keyboard and mouse but apart from that I'm very impressed with its options, it's a great media centre and blu-ray flics look great on my LG 60" plasma.

Civ Revolutions is a hoot as well, it's kinda cool reclining on the couch whilst Civ'ing instead of hunching over a p.c., + compatibility problems are non existant

I still hammer COD 4 religiously on the p.c. though and as a gaming platform I'll stick with it for the shear visual quality and flexibilty it provides.

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Linux_Inside V2 
12/8/08 8:56:48 AM

Why not just get a PS3 and install Linux on it? :P


15/8/08 9:55:57 AM

I think Consoles and PC's are a completely different system, for different uses.

PC. You have many options to chose from,

WorkStation PC, Low-End, Mid-Range and High-End for GAMING.

Consoles can be used in a similar way but it really depends on what your using it for.

PS3 & Xbox360. You have a couple of options,

Media Port, Home Entertainment System and gaming system.

Gaming on a console is very similar if not a little bit better becuase of the massive number of online players and community. Personally, I like both systems.

I just think it comes down to what the person does in his or her spare time. I enjoy playing on a console allot more but I also love the PC for the hardware side of things (eg. Building & Overclocking)

lol. ^^

17/8/08 4:39:58 PM

I love both!!

Time for a Lord-Ezekiel + Console + PC threesome of ORGASMIC AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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17/8/08 10:25:54 PM

yes they both have different uses for different people

Personally I PREFER PC Gaming but thats not to say that I dont like consoles, the only reason I have not purchased a console this generation is because I cant justify the cost of one ON TOP of upgrading my computer, I already have a need to upgrade my computer so I use that for gaming...

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18/8/08 2:41:15 AM
The one simple reasons i use computers over consoles is this
- warranty
If you so much as sneeze on a console your warranty is GONE.
- Replacement parts
Oh no my dvd burner has shit it self, (me whistling) on the way down the street to pick up a new one for $29!
- Overclocking!!!! nuff said
- Storage and recording, i love having all my songs (yes i play the guitar and record my own songs) on my computer so i can edit them and then transfer onto my ipod.

Bottom line is the consoles are gaming machines designed entirely for that with a bit of media bullshit on the side. If you like them good for you but i'll take a pc any day.
Also i've never owned a tv or a console! i just use my 24" LCD.
I also have a 360 controller for playing random shit on my computer when i cant be bothered with the keyboard.

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Harmonic Cacophony 
20/8/08 5:23:07 PM

I don't much care for either in terms of gaming. Most of the games I've played in the last couple of years have been really mediocre. The only standout games for me in recent years have been Oblivion, and CoD4. Probably GTA: SA before that.

Consoles from now on will probably be out of my reach unless I get a rather nice job. Paying hundreds for something I will only use for gaming, the cost of a TV which I would also only use for gaming, and then up to $120 for games, can never be worth it for me.

Especially with the quality of games these days. Not to say graphics quality or whatever, but gameplay. I'm sure there are some gems about, but I just haven't been into them much. I didn't like Bioshock at all. Quake Wars had about half an hour of gameplay in it. Kayne and Lynch: Dead Men was a shitty console port. Etc.

I've just done a major PC upgrade, though didn't have enough for a graphics card. I will get one in the coming months, and will enjoy games I already have at higher res and quality, though my gaming purchases will continue to be very low, unless something comes out that really wows me, or I get the net at home.

And Tak, Wikipedia tells me Street Fighter 4 is coming out on PC ;)

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