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Online Store Comparison
16/11/06 1:49:16 PM

nice update, you've done well young one.

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Randy Andy 
23/11/06 3:35:32 PM

Great service!!!! payed for my new HSF Tuesday send Wednesday got it Thursday! Sent me an email ever step of the way <3

Athlon 64 3200+ Clawhammer (2.2Ghz), Gigabyte K8N Pro, 2GB of OCZ DDR 400(440mhz), Galaxy 7800GS (RIP, using a 9600), Audgidy 2ZS, Samsung 160GB SATA, Seagate 320GB SATA2, Pioneer 111D and 107D DVD-RW, 500watt x-finity powersupply, Quantum Case

30/11/06 11:02:06 AM

Lost my CPU in the post, took over a month to get replacement.
Sent me wrong motherboard and then charged me $25 to return it.
Terrible customer support and a complete lack of effort on their side made my $3500 experience with gamedude, or should I say gamedouche, very very painfull. Go to Umart instead, AVOID Gamedude.

No worries :)

Have made many purchases from Umart, all perfect :)

Purchased my HDD's from here, arrived on time and came with a bonus PCPP mag :)

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30/11/06 3:14:23 PM

10/10 http://www.pccasegear.com.au

Have used them a few times and everything arrives 2 days after I ordered it. Brilliant service too.

http://msy.com.au Auburn Store
5/10 Service
10/10 for price

Pricing is awesome. Service and waiting is not awesome.

5/10 http://www.fluidtek.com.au

Average Pricing - sometimes some OK deals. Service was fast (picked up in store) although the guy pretty much threw the ram across the bench at me. I wouldn't have bouth here except that:

a) I was in Sydney to buy a new computer
b) MSY Didn't have the RAM or WD Raptor in stock.

It is bearable but I would consider elsewhere.

11/10 http://www.synnex.com.au

These guys rock. Used them as a supplier where I use to work. Super-fast shipping and uber-service.

Example from late last year.

December 19th 2005: 11.30am

NSW Police DEMO (District Emergency Management Officer) walks in whom I happen to know quite well. As it turns out their computers are going to be upgraded over the next week while they are all away.

The problem being their IT Team didn't send out the USB HDD for them to back everything up to.

Solution: I have some in stock
Problem: They need a 500Gb which I don't have in stock

So i jump on the phone to Synnex, turns out they have 1x 500Gb USB HDD in stock - by this stage a Purchase Order is being madly typed out by me and thrown through the fax machine. The Synnex guy says we might have it before christmas otherwise it'll be in the new year that we recieve it.

Problem: the DEMO needs it within 2 days.
Solution: I tell the guy we need it for NSW Police ASAP. To which he adds a few comments to the order.

Skip to December 20th: 10.30am

I wander up to our recieving dock and what just happens to turn up. Yep the USB HDD. 23hrs from the time the P/O was sent to the time we recieved it. Not to mention only 5 days out from Chrismas too!
23hrs includes the damn thing being sent Interstate (VIC) Warehouse to Goulburn (Regional NSW).

Synnex IMO are bloody legends.

RA's are just as easy through them. Every time I've had to send something back it was less than a 5 minute phonecall and I had the RA Authorisation.

Edited by NeoDaemon69: 30/11/2006 03:15:51 PM

Live Emergency Service

5/12/06 9:51:11 AM

10/10 for auspc.com had item 1day after i paid for it
thats bloody quick

AMD64 3400+
1GB Ram
DFI NF3 Gigabyte6800
17" BENQ fp783 LCD

6/12/06 11:13:30 AM



The only store that I trust the most. Very competitive rates. Tell Fast Eddie about something lower than his advertised price and he'll either match it or sweeten the deal a bit. Always has stock regardless of what you want and if they don't have it, they'll hold off an order for you to send out free.

Great DOA and RMA replacement if they don't have your item in stock.

Definitely will want to trade with these guys again. The only bad thing is the layout of the website.

Bye bye Athlon XP...

Family comp: Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 754 Venice!) @ 2.45Ghz / X800Pro
My own comp: Athlon 64 X2 / X1800XT Crossfire <- still in repairs :(

6/12/06 4:48:16 PM


Well I gave them a second chance and they have let me down again, their customer service is deplorable.

3 weeks after DD'g their account and I am still waiting for my part to arrive and I only find out wtf is going on because I sent them an email. Then I find out that the part is coming from overseas which they neglected to tell me.

If you are going to use them, make sure you are either desperate or that they actually have the stock before ordering.



8/12/06 8:17:14 PM

i should add

very good and FAST service and they has a stock while the other is not =)

Edited by ladyofbow: 8/12/2006 8:17:41 PM

P5B Deluxe WiFi, E6400, 1GB DDR667, X1950XTX, 22" ASUS MW221u

8/12/06 8:46:17 PM


Cheap. Need I say more?

Name the budget. I'll build the best PC you'll ever see...

8/12/06 9:26:25 PM


10/10 - Service

7/10 - Pricing

Name the budget. I'll build the best PC you'll ever see...

10/12/06 9:41:28 PM

anyone got an experiance with it estate?


AMD ATHLON 3800X2 @ 2.7ghz| DFI NF4 SLI-DR EXPERT | 2gb ddr500 UCCC MUSHKIN | 7800GTX | 2x200gb 1x300GB hdd's

www.megalan.tk (burnie based lan)

12/12/06 12:26:06 PM

updated, sorry doug, there is nothing on itestate so far, maybe just stick with one of the better known stores at the moment?

Online Buying Advice Have a look,getting useful

[p]roject [F]LamE[d]

12/12/06 3:48:32 PM
+1 for Radiical. They just helped me with some special barbs and designed a complete water cooling kit.
Good stuff.
+1 for Nintek.
=1 for Itestate. Costly postage often difficult package deals involved with cheaper prices.


15/12/06 10:46:00 PM

Benq lightscribe DVD burner broke down under warranty, the manager offered to replace with a liteon which is far cheaper comparing to Benq. I refused and they finally offered a partial refund. I accepted, but their account dept never contact me for a refund. After chasing and chasing, I finally processed my refund request via their web. A month later, I am still waiting for the refund.


They deserve "1" because their warranty dept (Melinda) was very helpful giving me instructions about processing the refund. Unfortunately, she hasn't been replying my email since then.

Let me know if you know there are other forums/websites I can post my negative experience to warn off any newcomers.

I will contact them again on Monday (from QLD).

Anyone knows how to make a complain through fair trading across interstates?


16/12/06 5:04:38 PM

Quote by joschan99
Anyone knows how to make a complain through fair trading across interstates?

Lodge it in the state of the business:

I would call them first, make them sort it out while you are on the phone, ask to speak to another manager or the head accountant. Email is just too easy to ignore as you have found.


18/12/06 1:44:34 PM

Great thread, and would like to voice my opinions on one or two place I have dealt with in the past.


Have used these guys many many times (a Duron 600 & GF2mx upgrade, right through to my recent AMD 3200+ & 7900gt. Also includes a Logitech G7 mouse, and Pioneer DVD burner in separate purchases). I live over 1000kms from Sydney, and yet, I have never waited longer than 2 working days to receive my gear, which is without fail, packaged in enough bubble wrap and foam bubbles to raise the Titanic.

Customer support and communication from clicking "Confirm Purchase" through to the product/s arriving at your doorstep is impeccable. Also, they do build and burn in your PC if required, and this alone I think is reason enough to buy from them if you're considering a major upgrade.

An unreserved 10/10 for AusPC.


Despite terrific prices for much of their items, unless you live in Brisbane and can deal with them over the counter in the event of trouble arising, I just cannot recommend them for over-the-net deals. Customer support has gone downhill since I first bought some SD-RAM off them many moons ago. And unfortunately, it wasn't very far up the hill in the first place.



I purchased a complete computer (xp1800 + GF5900) from these guys for Mum at home. Nothing but trouble, unfortunately, but I hesitate to condemn them as they did do their utmost to fix the trouble. However, the demeanor over the phone left a bit to be desired for my not completely literate Mother.

Bodgy RAM shipped with the PC in the first event, as they had not done a proper burn in. This is an issue when you live in the NW of NSW, where any courier takes around 7 working days to deliver anything, so it's a fortnight turn around if there is an issue. Also, the PC case arrived in less than perfect condition.



Have only bought a few items from here, including my Hercules xp-210 speaker set, which blew up 6 months after buying it. However, this is not techbuy's fault, and after I lodged a return enquiry with them, and sent the speakers back, I received an entirely new speaker set within 10 working days, again to my home in NW NSW.

I also purchased a brand new total P4 + Radeon 8500 system from them when these things were new. We botched the P4 installation, (accidentally scraped that thermal patch off the heatsink), but they accepted the return and replaced it no worries, and in minimal time too.

However, I find their customer support and communication is not awe-inspiring, and when email is the primary form of communication when buying online, this is enough to make me look elsewhere these days. Still...

7.5/10 for them.

Guitar Hero 2 > Me :(

11/1/07 2:54:01 PM
very good, also have online warranty if you lose you receipt


16/1/07 7:26:15 PM

I wish I'd come to this forum thread before I ordered a new PC from Nintek.

Basically I ordered a package from their site, a NinDeal, on the 20th October 2006, expecting at most maybe 4 weeks delay, and paid pretty much straight away, to try to speed things along.

It took over 2 months for the PC to be delivered, and that's only after I pushed them, and I'm still waiting (another month has gone by) for the mouse and a copy of Windows OEM to install.

If it takes them 3 months to get a copy of Windows and a mouse for a PC package, then they're not an online store at all, but some kind of carrier pidgeon service, where they've forgotten to feed the pidgeons.

Their online order tracking system is a joke, as dates would constantly change, with parts and software listed with one expected date, that would suddenly switch to Overdue or TBA, until a new date was found. At least watching the dates flicker kept me entertained over the months of waiting.

The only good thing I can say about them, is that when I asked if I could get the PC anytime soon, one of their staff offered to deliver what had been built so far, personally to my door, because of the trouble, and he lived nearby. Not sure what happens if you don't live nearby (Perth).


19/1/07 3:07:02 PM



Yes they are cheap and no-ones cheaper (pretty much).
If you have ever tried to run a business, keeping costgs down is V. Hard.
Yes you have to queue for 10 minutes.
Yes you are sh!t out of luck if the thing you want is not in a box on the shelf.
But if you know what you want (and most readers of Atomic should) and it means the difference between getting a Geforce 7600 at the haymarket chinatown (and they have good prices already) 10 minutes walk away, and getting a Geforce 7900GT at MSY, then I'm there. thanks MSY!.
If you want to see your printer print out first, go to harvey norman and pay 50% more - your choice.
If you want someone to explain to you what Nforce 4 is, and why you should buy it is go to (just about anywhere else) and pay 40% more.
If you want the best bang for the $450 you have in your hand - go to MSY.
No - I have no affiliation with them.
Yes - Mohawk is technically correct that they don't deliver - so they are not an online store as such - good point, but I am still glad they are there, and an essential resource for PC hardware fiends. - ESSENTIAL!

We can rebuild him.

22/1/07 11:54:35 AM

10/10 for Umart. Quick service, quick delivery, great prices, all I could ask for.

"Take no notice of me, I was merely speaking extemporaneously" (Jerry Seinfeld)

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