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Online Store Comparison
29/3/08 2:49:14 PM

Quote by index680i
Quote by iamthemaxx
Quote by index680i
Do they have good prices though, and please, What are MSY like? I keep hearing that people buy everything from them.

Read the thread, there are a few reviews of them.

Fair enough, and I've had a look but....

I am also finding it hard to find the best PC shop with fast delivery/Best prices/Good website layout/service/huge selection and the best PC shop in QLD or all over this country.

Please what one out of this list is the best, as for the reasons above. thanks

GO with Techbuy, they price match, so find the places with same gear that's cheaper, and email it to them, you'll have to tell them why ofcourse, (dont just email them links :p)
and they should fix up the prices for ya!

Plus the freight is really cheap, and shipped via AAE, so you'll get it really quick

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1/4/08 12:24:02 AM

This place is blatantly the coolest store I've been to. They have a huge selection and are really quick to respond to orders. Their prices are really low and looking through their range is easy as pie. Kudos to the Scorptec team.

Prices are the lowest that I've seen so far. However, their range isn't that big and are missing an entire component category. I can't remember which one because it was quite some time ago when I last went there. Still they have decent service and plenty of know-how.

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4/4/08 3:49:26 PM


The best prices anywhere. Their site is a bit of a let down but I'm used to it so I can find anything. Their customer service is great to (Brooklyn store in Melb). They will honestly tell you if something is shit so no BS from them. Plus I know a few guys there so it's great everything I come by to pick something up.

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16/4/08 5:58:57 PM
Thought i'd share my internet purchasing experience.
Centrecom.com.au 10/10
PHone service was a bit edgy but they were great, even let me replace items before it was shipped!
Was a quick and easy payment, they received the money and instantly told me what was in stock and what was on order. Shipping took 1 1/2 days to get to me! was quite amazed, yet to test the parts but thought i'd let you know they are great, that order was for 15 pc parts, received all the correct parts too.

PcCaseGear.com 10/10
Fast payment. As soon as they received the money i was updated on everything, took less than a week to receive my fan/arctic silver 5.
Was quite impressed on the fast delivery also.
Also everythign was packaged nicely, nothing broken..just yet to build and test =)


18/4/08 8:42:42 PM

my internet purchasing experience.

auspcmarket.com.au 10/10
Live in North QLD and i get my order within 4 working days. Online communication is good with quick feedback. Large orders of over $3k with out any difficulties. Slightly overpriced but you get service. Returning of unused items policy works very well, they will even extend the return time if you request. Well packaged. Easy to use website with useful info about all their products.

scorptec 10/10
I've used these guys for a few small orders below $1k. no troubles at all. recieved items within 5 working days (up in North QLD). Website has improved alot. can't complain.

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23/4/08 7:57:14 PM

Very quick delivery. A couple of my parts were no longer available so they offered me a better one at the same price. Was delivered the next day! Decent prices.
Will definitely purchase from here again.

Was recommended to me by RaYdeX.


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24/4/08 11:04:25 AM



Very good price, delivered the next day, straight after stock came in. Docked a point because they listed as having 5+ units, when in fact they had none until the 22nd.

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24/4/08 12:50:55 PM

Quote by TheFrunj


Very good price, delivered the next day, straight after stock came in. Docked a point because they listed as having 5+ units, when in fact they had none until the 22nd.

Im looking at getting a case from there.... and if they're that good well then, awesome

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24/4/08 1:10:48 PM

Great prices, good customer service (to a point) and plenty of stock. Only downside is delivery is a bit exessive which is why i would only buy higher end parts

Great customer service, pretty decent prices, friendly staff etc.

Fast delivery, decent prices, good customer service, only downside is stock can sometimes be a bit low

Usually the lowest prices there is, however online customer service and stock availability is a letdown

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25/4/08 9:55:46 AM


I must admit this was their new Sunshine Coast store but 8/10.

Prices aren't the lowest out there, but I used them mostly because they were local, and by the time you add freight costs it doesn't work out much cheaper.

I ordered my Silver Stone Sugo without case windows, they gave me one with case windows.

I paid pretty much immediately got no notification, and then they sent me an email saying my parts were ready to pick up 2 days ago.

I'll use them for convenience as they're local, but for bigger orders I know I'm going to get from one store I'd rather not

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2/5/08 11:59:16 PM

PC Case Gear 10/10

Quick service, and cheap freight costs...

They're not the cheapest place in the world, but you don't buy from PC Case Gear if you want cheap components.

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10/5/08 5:41:22 PM
Centrecom hands down, although the first guy I had sold my an ATI Crossfire mobo, I still recommend it as the second guy helped me to achieve a cheaper, more powerful system. That is just worthy of an 8/10!

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13/5/08 10:14:08 PM

Easy purchasing, very fast and cheap postage and stock a lot of rare items. Only downside is not too much products

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16/5/08 4:47:50 PM



Brilliant. Got me a part that I needed in one day, even though it wasn't in stock, for the same price as an older part that Umart had. Win. E2220, which I didn't even know you could get retail.

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22/6/08 9:33:16 PM



I have been dealing with them for quite some time, fantastic prices and a reasonable range, unfortunately their selection is not as large as some other online stores, postage costs I have found to be a little much at times but nothing too poor, I am very pleased with the company and would highly recommend them, they have always been pleasant and more than happy to help.

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bob the builder 
22/6/08 9:51:12 PM
try www.shoppingworld.com.au Im pricing setups for smart homes they seem ok in price, feedback wanted
NO Ihave not purchased yet


1/7/08 11:38:14 PM

Shikmaru you can prolly remove nintek now ;)

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10/7/08 1:37:35 AM
http://www.Gamedude.com.au 0/10

Hey all,

Just writing to tell of my experience today with a mate and his P5NSLI Motherboard.

A few weeks back my mate bought 2Gb of DDR2800 Corsair, a P5NSLI Mobo and a Q6600 Quad core CPU. On the advice of the gamedude attendant, "Dorian", when asked that he would like a Motherboard that will run a Q6600 Quad Core. The attendant assured my friend it would run it.

My friend has been having bluescreens and problems with it, we thought it was his new video card. We eventually did a lookup and found out on the ASUS site that the P5NSLI was not actually compatible with the Q6600. Checked the Gamedude site and it said the P5NSLI:

"ASUS P5N SLi nForce 570 SLi Quad-core CPU Dual SLi Dual DDR2 6ch Audio INTEL CORE 2 DUO READY"

My friend rung the store and spoke to the same guy "Dorian" (As on the original receipt) and the guy was pretty ok and went to check the ASUS site and came back shortly and said that it was their bad and to bring it in for a refund. Sweet.

We get to the store, "Dorian" says yeah i know who you are we spoke on the phone before. So we hand over the P5NSLI to him and he says "Oh, theres a bit of dust i can see on it, we can only give you 50% of the store value for it!" OMFG

After my friend was like no man you even said it was YOUR bad on the phone. We were in an argument, and guess what, "Dorian" turns to my friend and says "If you don't calm down, i'll throw your motherboard on the ground!".

We say "Your site has the mobo supporting the Quad Core, AND you were the one that said it supported it!". He then informs us that the website has been changed to and that hes not gonna say it was his mistake etc.

So my friend takes the 50% deal ungratefully and we go home. It seems they cleared their Internet Archive 2008 lists. But then, guess what, he forgot about google caching pages!

Here we go:

Original Listing:

'Updated' (Ie. Trying to cover his Butt)


Now its subtle, but read the title, in bold.

As i mentioned earlier, Original:

"ASUS P5N SLi nForce 570 SLi Quad-core CPU Dual SLi Dual DDR2 6ch Audio INTEL CORE 2 DUO READY"


"ASUS P5N SLi nForce 570 SLi Dual DDR2 6ch Audio INTEL CORE 2 DUO READY"


So, please whatever you do, DO NOT SHOP AT GAMEDUDE. Tell your friends or peers that look for stores to buy Parts from.

Edited by Aphexdash: 10/7/2008 01:37:48 AM


10/7/08 11:01:39 AM


Looks like you guys got fucked over due to lack of knowledge.
If the item does not suit your needs you are entitled to a full refund or replacement.

The store should have known this as well.


17/7/08 12:26:10 AM

this is my first post in these forums and you guys seem to know your stuff and i just had a question about some pc parts im thinking of buying real soon from the pcmaniacs online store, (the one mentioned at the start of this thread)
now this is mainly going to be a gaming pc, thinking of playing assassin's creed and the new far cry and even hawk back to oblivion with all settings high lol, and games yet to come, anyway ill cut to the chase:
1 x Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53Ghz 3Mb Cache 45nm 1066FSB
1 x Asus P5Q P45
1 x Corsair HX-620 620w Modular PSU
1 x Patriot PC2-6400 (800) Extreme Performance 4Gb 2GBX2 4-4-4-12
1 x Sapphire HD4870 512Mb DDR5 PCI-E
1 x Pioneer 215 D/Layer 20x DVD+-RW SATA NO S/WARE Black
1 x Antec Nine Hundred
yeah so thats the setup im looking at. i already have a couple of HDD's and a monitor etc. im just wondering how it is and if it all seems sound
oh and should i bother getting vista? or stick with xp?
and in the interest of vaguely sticking to the thread topic, could anyone recommend a different online store with perhaps lower prices?

lol forgot to mention the price which is $1,368.00 (plus shipping price and vista, if i get it)

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Edited by AppY: 17/7/2008 01:31:32 AM


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