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Hard Drive Noise
9/9/08 4:37:40 PM

Ok, this thread is in semi relation to a computer freezing thread I posted a few weeks back (PC doesn't seem to be freezing anymore... who knows).

Anyway, I've got a 500GB Seagate Barracuda 11 hard drive that's now about 3 months old. From time to time it develops this sort of mid pitched whine (I originally thought it was one of my system fans making the noise), as it's somewhat difficult to remove my hard drives from my case I hadn't been able to isolate the noise until now. Interestingly the noise completely disappears if the hard drive is flipped upside down (But is noisy in every other orientation).

To me, a hard drive making unusual noises is a sign of imminent failure. Does anyone know if odd noises would be grounds for an RMA?


9/9/08 4:57:43 PM

Not very comforting, considering I have one of those drives.. :|

I just moved it from a computer which was making a similar noise, I was under the impression that it was the other drive, which is quite a bit older making the noise, I haven't really used it since I put it in the new PC. As it's mainly for backing up.

I'll keep you posted, could be a common problem with these drives. Who knows.

Hope you work it out mate, I'd probably take to back to where you got it, and get a new one. Can't possibly be a good sign!


10/9/08 1:25:12 AM

I've had a couple of seagate drives that make unusual noises.

Three that I can think of, and they all did it from day one.

One is still working fine (I believe), but no longer in service. The other two died within 2 weeks of one another (The 2 that died were both 300GB drives, exact same model numbers except for an S at the end (one SATA one PATA)).

Who knows if that noise had anything to do with it.

When the SATA one died, I went and bought a new 750GB WD drive that day, and the other drive in this system was already a WD, so it's now a seagate free zone.

The 300GB drives were both RMA'd. I did appreciate the 5 year warranty, given they were >3 years old. One has been returned to service in my other machine, storing video files, and the other is in an external enclosure now so I have a portable music collection/backup.

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