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Vista GFX problems
8/9/08 10:52:06 PM

Hey all

I was wondering if anyone oculd assist me with some issues i am having with a PC.

it boots up fine, but just after the windos loading screen (before the orb) the monitor turns off. i can boot into safe mode and it all works dandy.

I tried rolling back drivers, it works fine for one res6tarte.. the buggered after the next.

if i unplug tyhe monitor and plug it back in it comes to life after a while.. but shoking res and shit...

PC1: Q6600 | P35-DS3P | 2gb Ram | 7900GT | 320+320+320+160gb | 22" Viewsonic
PC2: AXP2800+ | Kt4 Ultra | 512m Ram | 6600Gt | 40gb
Laptop: T9300 (2.5ghz) | 4gb Ram | 200gb 7200RPM Sata | 512mb 8800m GTX | 17" (1920x 1200) | Full Size KB

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