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netgear dg834g NEED HELP
7/9/08 11:52:44 AM

okay ive been trying to get this to work for 3 days now, i baught a modem from a shop wich i need to run adsl on,

i manaully set up the modem by typing set all my details, but every time i try to use internet explorer i get the smart wizard wich fails to find an adsl service??????

the gate way shwos up in my network connections i just cant browse????

i know the internet works becuase a tech guy from iprimus gave me a google ip and i can get to the website with an ip but not with a html address,

also there is not netgear software in my add remove programs so i have no idea how to get rid of the smart wizard,

help please im sick of dial up

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7/9/08 1:32:42 PM

A quick google found this solution at the netgear forums, see if this helps.

"If you are comfortable using windows to configure your connection then you can uninstall the smart wizard and install only the drivers thriough the following steps.

1. Go to the file where you installed the Smart Wizard. (Default is C:\Program Files\Netgear\"X" . Where "X" is the name of the product installed.)

2. Open the folder "X" from step one.

3. Copy the entire folder entitled "Driver" to a safe place, ie. the desktop or some other readily available place on the same drive. Be sure to copy it and not cut and paste it or you may have difficulty in step 4 depending on your situation.

4. Now run the uninstall program that came with smart wizard. It should be in the folder I am calling "X" under a subfolder entitled "Utility".

Now the smart wizard is gone and you have the drivers in a safe place. All you need to do is reinstall the drivers from the folder you copied earlier. You can do this through the device manager. Just right click on the device and click uninstall. Depending on the operating system you may need to do a restart or just scan for hardware changes, but eventually you will be asked to install drivers for your new hardware. Just point the wizard to the "Driver" folder you copied earlier. As an extra step I cut and pasted the "Driver" folder into the original Netgear product folder under Progam files for safe keeping.

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