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Good Custom PC Building Online Stores
6/9/08 1:36:03 AM

Evening all,

I am looking to replace my university notebook with a new desktop PC. I am however not wanting to buy the components and build it myself (as I don't have time to troubleshoot any build problems at current). What I am looking for is a reputable online Australian store that allows you to pick the components and get the store to build it and then send the newly built & tested machine to me.

I have found "Center Com Online" which looks like what i'm after, however I would like to see if anyone else out there knows of some good sites that they have used that offer what i'm looking for.

Thanks for you help. Also I tried doing a good solid google and atomic forum search but to no real avail :)

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6/9/08 2:11:22 AM

Where are you located, chief?

I've dealt with www.eyo.com.au and they have good service. www.auspcmarket.com.au, too.

EYO charge a build fee, I think it's $66. auspcmarket don't, but their parts are a little more expensive, so it probably evens out, depending on how much you buy.

EYO is a good option if you can work using one of their pre-defined builds as a base and just add/change bits, because then you get a slight saving because there's no build cost.

Centre Com Online sound okay, but haven't dealt with them.

www.itestate.com.au have good prices and I suspect they're reliable.
www.umart.com.au and www.umart.net.au seem to have good reputations, too.

I'd recommend you try and pick one close to you so you can easily send the system back without it costing a fortune in the event of dramas.

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6/9/08 7:40:36 AM
I was going to say have a look at secretnet, they have an excellent reputation. However before recommending them i thought i'd better check out their website since i haven't been there for a while and to my surprise they have decided to close up shop, today's their last trading day infact. Have a look at scorptec, they are more expensive than some of the others, but they do have excellent service. Pccasegear are another to look out for, again not the cheapest and they don't necessarily have the best range of products in some areas, but they do have a good selection in others.



6/9/08 12:45:18 PM

thanks for the replies guys. I will check all of em out today, im located in Townsville in QLD so theres no large outlets here really, so postage is a big issue for me, especially for getting an entire system shipped.


Inspiron 6400 | Centrino Duo T7200 | 1Gb 667mhz DDR2 | Mobility x1400 | 120gb WD

6/9/08 1:13:21 PM

Umart.com.au do custom builds and they'd have the cheapest prices I'd wager. Wouldn't expect anything special in terms of configuration or cable tidying but since you'd only be shipping from Sunshine Coast or Brisbane I imagine that the price for courier wouldn't be too bad.

They have a page set up where you pick the parts and they send you a quote, which would work well since you can get good advice on components from the guys here in B&T.

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6/9/08 1:21:36 PM

centrecom have always been very professional when i have dealt with them

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