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Discuss: Cosmos S case
10/4/08 10:48:09 AM

the_13th thinks:

I think it's a great improvement on the original, which was not the greatest of cases. What you guys think?

About the Atomic article Cosmos S case


Coolermaster ups the ante on its Cosmos range, and David Hollingworth is in on the game.

What do you think?

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10/4/08 10:49:00 AM
It's fantastic. Looks great too.

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10/4/08 11:16:59 AM

Did think about getting one of the Cosmos series but it was just to big for my PC area so I eventually settled on the Antec Solo.

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10/4/08 11:45:32 AM

My god, its a self contained computer/vacuum cleaner, like the antec 900.

No doubts that it lookks good but you butt it in a dusty environment and watch it get filthy and then you have to clean it.

I love my lian li 201b :D

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10/4/08 11:51:07 AM

After reading the reviews I have seen and looked at it I am very impressed with this case. It is a giant, sturdy windtunnle which suits me as I prefer aircooling with giant fans. My rooms are clean and I can my dust filters so I am fine with this case by nature.

When I build my new machine this will be the case to house it in. Thanks David!

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10/4/08 11:52:26 AM

I hope Im happy with it - Ive ordered and paid for two already

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10/4/08 12:09:11 PM

1 main consern I have after reading comprehensive reviews of this case.

Is noise.

Did the boys in the atomic office find the case noisy or notice it being quiet when it was used with a hardware setup?

Ive only seen 2 decent reviews of this case, id like more opinions on this issue.

I also remember they took out the noise dampening material that was in the earlyer cosmos series cases. This is another factor.

The touch sensor button to turn on the pc while really cool, is a consern in the long term. what happens if it malfunctions? you cant turn ur pc on.

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10/4/08 12:13:33 PM

the S stands for sexeh!


at first i was like:
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10/4/08 12:19:07 PM

Yeh I've got an Antec900 and the front grill is just one big arse dust collector.

Even after you clean it, a few days later its back to covered in dust.

Looks great though, been waiting out for this and the Antec 1200.


Josh Collins 
10/4/08 12:29:31 PM

The Cosmos S left quite an impression on David and me, to the point where I actually started thinking about getting one instead of a Silverstone TJ07.

The TJ07 along with 90% of Lian Li cases are my favourite cases by a long shot, largely due to the strong, sophisticated, stylish and simple designs. But believe me my friends, this new Cosmos S is neat.

Perhaps the most interesting and such a freaking obvious innovation is the way the front 5.25" bay covers are removed. It is as simple as pressing the click-release side guards and then pressing in another easy clip to withdraw the panel/cover. There is none of this getting a hammer and pole followed by bashing the crap out of the cover to pop out. No, no. This is a sophisticated and elegant solution that adds to the ability of the Cosmos S to be a dream to work with.

The original Cosmos was good. The Cosmos S is better.


10/4/08 12:49:57 PM

I loved the style and size of the original Cosmos case, but a front door is something I have on my current case and never want again. It just lives its life slightly ajar so I can always reach the power button, DVD drives, etc.

The Cosmos S with basically everything the original has and no front door has suddenly jumped the queue to the top of my wishlist. Love it.

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10/4/08 1:07:47 PM

Heh. Maybe I was really not meant to buy the older model. This is the look that I reall want.



10/4/08 1:12:36 PM
Feature wise this case is very similar to the original stacker, to me it's a culmination of combining the best elements of both stacker series into a new aesthetic arrangement. Feature wise i personally like this case a lot, however damn it's ugly and coolermaster know it too, see it’s so ugly they have to ship a bag with it:




10/4/08 2:18:46 PM

I like it!

Just looking at it invokes an involuntary action of: "Woooaah!"

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10/4/08 3:22:04 PM

My opinion, DO not get if you are a cat, own a cat or cat's or dogs or carpet, happen to live by a lumbar yard or if the next door neighboor is renovating, if you have danderuff, happen to shead hair, do not place near small animals as they may be sucked to the front of the case.

This case is not a hovercraft so please to not attempt to put it on the ground and fans full speed as you will instead make a hair dryer.

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11/4/08 2:19:34 PM

where is this case for sale and how much ?

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11/4/08 2:27:44 PM

Quote by casperog
where is this case for sale and how much ?

The internet, and money.

Specifically, here:

And it's $299, though you can probably get it cheaper if you shop around.

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5/6/08 7:35:21 PM

Does anyone know if the side fan in this case would interfere with the installation of high CPU coolers such as the Thermalright Ultra 120?


5/6/08 7:59:02 PM

No it doesn't. Just built a PC with Cosmos S with TRUE for a friend. It's fine.

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5/9/08 6:27:30 PM
Where can you find one for retail in NSW? Sydney - preferbly in the city/ultimo/marrickville areas and thereabouts


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