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Fear not running as it should due to HID conflict
9/9/08 3:40:53 PM
Hi there when I played F.E.A.R it ran well. I got 80 -85 frames on geforce 7950gx2. Then it dropped to 55 to 60 frames, no matter what resolution I put it in. Intially I thought the problem laid in my geforc 7950gx2 as you all may know of my issues.

After getting my Geforce 8800gtx I thought my problem would go away. It remained and always stuck between 55 to 60 frames.After extensive research I have come across the fact that HID conflict with the game. All people will notion me that it is like this because I have a bad CPU. I like to remind everyone that CPU plays a little role with Fear's performance, mainly the game is depended on what graphics card you have.

I have disabled and also taken the mouse off. Then the games up not starting. Taking the mouse during the game has still the same effect having it on when I have the mouse in. Please someone help me on this matter and resolve my conflict please.

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9/9/08 6:11:28 PM

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