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Ge9600gt won't work with S Video to TV
5/9/08 3:39:18 PM

I have a laptop that has Svideo which I have setup for Dual View with the TV...works perfectly.

Plug the same S video connector into my PCs Ge9600gt card, select dual view, and IT CAN"T FIND THE TV. the card cannot detect a TV plugged into it, via Svideo.
Checked for bent pins on the plug..seem fine, anyway it works with the lappie.

It must be a faulty card I'm assuming, what else could make it work perfectly with the laptop's Nvidia onboard Go7600 card.

The Ge9600gt otherwise works fine for everything else on the PC.


Ron AB


5/9/08 5:26:20 PM

The control panel should have a couple of settings you could try.

First is "Force detection of my TV".

Next is selection of type of TV output, such as component, S-Video, composite.

Also, you might need to ensure that it's outputting in PAL, not NTSC.

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5/9/08 7:01:26 PM

Hmmm, when I tried to force detection, the screen 'rebooted' and gave me a blank desktop.

To get out of that...I tried everything, eventually had to go into safe mode, (a few times) couldn't change Nvidia settings in Safe mode, eventually had to go to System Restore to get my desktop back.

This is the second time I've done this...the last time a few weeks ago I was able to get the desktop back without restore.
All though I have the Dual View option showing, when I force detection of the TV, it defaults to TV I'm guessing as the desktop is blank with no icons and no way of changing anything even with the right mouse button.

Oh well , my next card will be an ATI I guess.

ron AB


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