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Does retail brand matter when it comes to graphics cards?
5/9/08 10:50:33 PM

Quote by SquallStrife
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Quote by MyAlbanianAss
don't better brands use like better capacitors n stuff? or am i thinking motherboards

Well there are only two types of capacitors, Electrolytic and Solid.

What about ceramic and tantalum?




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6/9/08 11:16:01 AM

I always thought brand do matters, well atleast for an extent.
I've always believe each brand differ from built quality and even components of the product which is made of.
like a better ram chip or better caps or resistors used on the PCB. like many PSU, the difference is not all price, but the actual components used to make a product can sometimes justify the price.

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6/9/08 1:12:10 PM

Quote by Tone2b
*picks up issue 90*

*reads issue 91*

The reference GTX 280 has a Avg on crysis of 32.54

Issue 92 has the 280 with an Avg of 61.11. However the introduction to the article states that crysis is being run at a resolution of 1280x1024, all options ultra or high, no AA, no AF, Dx10.

The settings in issue 91 for crysis are 1920x1200 with quality settings maxed. The testbed in both tests are also different, for example issue 91 uses a QX9650/QX9770 overclocked to 4Ghz whereas issue 92 uses a QX6850 at 3Ghz

The 3D mark results are also different but this will come down to the test be me thinks

yea, that is exactly right, issue 92 states that the 3dmark 03 and 06 benchmarks are both run at default settings, and doesnt say in issue 91 what the settings were for the reference card in the 3dmarks...

gigabyte gtx280 crysis avg - 61.11 min - 27.01 max - 87.42 3dmark06 - 14880 3dmark03 - 50825

gtx280 reference crysis avg -32.54 min - 23.30 max - 38.00 3dmark06 - 18058 3dmark03 - 55201

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6/9/08 1:29:21 PM

Actually, that kinda bursts my bubble a bit, i was hoping that there was something more sinister afoot, and not to be as easily explained by something as simple as screen res and testbed :(

o well, nice work anyway guys ;)

looks like ill just be sticking to the OEM version of the GTX280.. along with the G15, G9 and Z-5500's in the same purchase :)


6/9/08 5:00:47 PM

Yes, it must be dissapointing to know you can pay half the price and get the same performance :-(


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8/9/08 11:27:56 AM
Another point to keep in mind, is that if you do purchase an XFX card that comes to overclocked settings, you will be guarenteed to get the speeds published on the box and remain stable. There is no guarentee that every card that comes at standard stocks will reach those and still be stable.

However for me being able to save $500, I am more than happy to lose my 5-10 fps

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