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Geforce 8800gtx crashes in video card stability test and rarely in fear
1/9/08 6:30:42 PM
Hi there people my video card crashes in the stability test akways and sometimes crash and rarely in fear. This is not a good feeling because its always in the back of my mind that any time it can crash. In bioshock it has never crashed and to name a few other games. When there is crash power switches off but somehow the light in the power switch is still glows.

Is this becuase of software issue with fear and video card stability test? I am not running the fear updated patch and the video card stability test may have issues itself. Or is it that I have a bad power supply?

Someone please advise me on this. Overall the Geforce 8800gtx is giving me no problems.

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1/9/08 8:06:36 PM

what are your system specs ie PSU, cpu etc

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1/9/08 10:11:39 PM

And what Drivers are you using?


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4/9/08 11:11:18 AM
maybe your PSU cant handle the needed power in games. try switching different PSU.


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