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Best card for around $200?
2/9/08 7:22:12 PM

Quote by lukey1990
Quote by Goonit
www.itestate.com.au has a Gigabyte GTX260 for $279.

That's good value.

Quote by Goonit
Almost on par with a GTX280, which is better then anything on offer atm ;)

Nvidia all the way, regardless of what everyone says.


Even though the HD4870X2 is the worlds fastest GPU?

GPUS you mean...

Anyway if you splurge an extra $60 for an overclocked HD4850, another $60 on top of that will get you into the base HD4870 territory... just consider that.


3/9/08 8:37:55 AM

Quote by SceptreCore
Quote by Electra
Mainly car driving games.
I've got a 6200 atm and they can go a bit jerky now and then.
I'd probably play them more if it didn't do that.

Just to clarify, are you on AGP, or PCI-E?

Edited by SceptreCore: 2/9/2008 05:39:43 PM

AGP atm but I want to upgrade and get a PCIe card at the same time.


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