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physx with a radeon gpu?
28/8/08 6:55:09 PM
cpt lock
sorry to say but some info there are incorrect and not to mention old. someone else can clarify that cos i cbf.

Quote by Baner86

You constantly say "I believe this shows that....". It's fair enough for you to believe something might happen (just as most people believed the GTX2XX release would be a resounding success just a couple of months ago) as opposed to what I'm saying where there is clearly no push from the games industry at this time or even in the near future (Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 among other titles) for hardware accelerated physics let alone hardware accelerated physics using a fair propoertion of your graphics processing power.

as i recall, throughout this thread i did not say "I believe" even once so you must have picked that up somewhere else.

Quote by Baner86

I just wanna say. After all MY walls of text and near-ranting, I believe it might be a foolish decision for Nvidia to jump in and say "We are running AGEIA PhysX". To do this would mean you are expecting everyone else, all developers, everything to agree with you and ALSO adopt AGEIA when Havok is the majority physics implementation at the moment.

i think you may have the wrong impression.

anyways no hard feelings mate we all make mistakes.

back to the topic:
my initial intention from the start of this thread was to see if someone has that setup as i dont have a radeon card, just out of curiousity thats all, plus i wanted to point out that you can play physx accelerated games with the ageia card which you cannot with a radeon card alone hence you have best of both worlds (havok and physx accelerated games).

more info:
from what i know so far physx stands alone in terms of hardware accelerated physics, havok cannot not utilise the gpu, thats what seperates them apart.


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