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Having a hard time deciding.
9/9/08 11:13:41 AM

So i found an AM2 board i didnt know i had. and it has ram already.

as such, time for a CPU for it and a new system!

So clearly i need an AM2 processor.

I MAINLY multitask. eg.

On a normal day, i'll have Warcraft 3 minimised or playing, Winamp playing MP3s, a PDF file, MSN, notepad, and usually a 'heavy task' going on (eg. CD ripping or video encoding).

This clearly makes the phenom 9550 a clear winner, multitaking = quad core so i dont feel the slowness.

However then im hit with this dilemma.

With my current system in my tag, the CPUs clocks are the same. My 4200+X2 is 2.2ghz, as is the phenom.

This makes me worry that I wont 'feel the difference' which in turn will make me sad i spent $100ish.
Which makes me think a Dual core 3ghz chip may be the goer.

I know almost every 9550 phenom reaches 2.5ghz on stock cooling, so i'd do that.


Help me people. I multitask MUCH more than I game. However I DO game on occasion, and i really want to feel the difference using my PC so i feel like its worth it.

Im actually thinking about putting its little 3200+ chip back in and selling the mobo\cpu combo and saving a little for an intel system...


4200+X2 939, ASUS A8N-SLI-D, Ati HD3850, 1gb,1tb total HDD, 109 DVD, LG DVD-rom.
Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

9/9/08 11:51:59 AM
if you use vista then get a quad, vista+quads=match made in heaven and when i think multitasking i think ram.


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