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what temps on Q6600 (stock cooler)
27/8/08 12:35:56 PM
just wondering what temps i should get on normal stock cooling. i'm trying to oc my q6600 on stock to 3.0Ghz@1.25v and it is running way too hot for me. coretemp shows temp exceeding 71c on full load with prime65. OS is winxp 64. mobo is 790i Ultra.


27/8/08 2:38:46 PM

I think you should be getting a little cooler temps then that, but hey you are using stock cooling!

Do you have the HSF installed correctly? You can usually tell by placing your hand on the side of it, and feeling if it's hot or cold, if it's cold, then it's not correctly seated.

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27/8/08 2:41:19 PM

sounds about right. mine on stock cooling @ 3ghz went from anywhere between 50-75 on full load. well worth getting an aftermarket cooler. or at least use some arctic silver with the stock cooler.

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