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E8600 or Q9550 on GA-965P-DS3P
26/8/08 5:01:18 PM

Sorry thread title should read E8500 and not E8600!! My bad :/

So a question to those of you who are better schooled at what works with what :)

My aging motherboard (15 months old) is apparently capable of 'non official support' of both the processors in the thread title via an F6 bios update. My concern is will I get a reasonable gain with my current motherboard or do I need to upgrade that as well? I basically just want to get another 12 months of quality gaming out of my current rig (in sig) with an interim upgrade.

Thanks in advance,


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26/8/08 7:10:11 PM

If all you are concerned about is games, your money would probably be better spent on an new video card. Perhaps a HD4850.

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27/8/08 12:09:11 AM

I have been scraping the interwebs trying to make a similar decision there is apparently some fancy pants show for CPU folks on atm IDF and news is flying everywhere about new processors but bugger all info is around on the E86 and Q9550 have only found a few reviews.

The mail is according to tomshardware.

AMD lists the 9950 with a tray-price of $235, which is the same amount the company charges for the 9850 model. Compared to Intel, the 9950 slots in right between the aging Core 2 Quad Q6600 ($224) and Q6700 ($266).

Apparently its underwhelming :(


The 8500 and 8600 though are doing some big numbers.

I still want to see a E8600 V Q9950 shootout with lots of benches though. I get the impression it would lose badly though.

I am really loving this though :P http://techreport.com/discussions.x/15235


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27/8/08 10:12:09 AM

I was in the same position as you, I ended up biting the bullet and getting the P45 version of the same motherboard.

If I was going to run a 45nm chip at stock speeds on the 965P board I might have just stuck with it, but as I overclock I'd rather err on the side of caution and go with a board that officially supports the CPU.

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27/8/08 2:53:16 PM

Quote by bnew
I was in the same position as you, I ended up biting the bullet and getting the P45 version of the same motherboard.

I like that option, as getting the CPU, and then having updated the BIOS and it's still not compatible would be frustrating, so new mobo is definitely my recommendation.

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29/8/08 2:24:11 PM

Good solid advice there gentleman, but then I might as well grab 4 gig DDR3 & a new PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card and BAM! I have just done a major upgrade. Goddammit!!!

So I might just grab me a Q6600 and wind her up and either a GTX260 or a HD4870 to get me through for a bit as that would be around $700 as opposed to $1200-$1300 for Mobo, CPU, Ram & Video Card

There are some great new game titles coming soon... So, If Crysis was anything to go by then my humble overclocked E6600 won't be up to the challenge at high resolutions and in my book if you can't play a game at high resolutions with all the fruit turned on, then it isn't worth playing as you don't get the entire experience.

Thanks for the sound advice anyway guys :)



29/8/08 2:41:26 PM

raising the res dosent put much more load on the cpu if any but it dose stress the gpu much more

e8400\e8500 ~$200 fast enough for current games when overclocked
e8600 ~$300 a bit faster
q9450\q9550 ~$400 a bit more future proof but slower in most current games (still fast enough)

p45 ds3 ~$150
same old ram ddr3 doesnt help current pcs
4870 512m ~$320 or 1g ~$370
or 4870x2 2g ~$650 then almost all current games will have a minimum ~60fps at high res with aa

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30/8/08 11:50:37 AM

Thanks for the advice Dasa.

Looks like I'm better off doing a modest/major upgrade! I really do like new toys :)

Surely Gigabyte would not have F6 bios support for those 45nm CPU's if there was any problem running them 965P chipsets?

I guess there is no harm in trying either a Q9550 or E8500 and a new HD4870 on my old motherboard and if I have dramas then I'll get a new GA-EP45-DS3P DDR2 board and away I go again.


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3/9/08 10:14:10 AM

If you are that worried, look up the CPU support on Gigabyte's website...


By the looks of it, both the E8600 and the Q9550 isn't but can be supported by the F6 BIOS. Technically, I would go for the Q6600 and overclock the buggery out of it. But then again, having a newer chipset will help out...

EDIT: Bugger, misread Q9550 for Q6600 :S

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