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Intel Q9550 or Xeon 5410
25/8/08 12:00:01 PM

im about to build a new system and ahve been out of it for a while are the Xeon's? any good? or should i just stick to the Q's and E's CPU?

the system will be used for 60% games 40% multimedia



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25/8/08 4:57:02 PM

The equivalent xeon (of the Q9550) is actually the X3360.

The Xeons in the form of X32xx are the same chips as the older 65nm Quad cores (Q6600 etc.) whist the X33xx are the new 45nm chips. Most other Xeon's require a different motherboard socket, so be sure of what you are getting before you put the cash down.

As to the actually question. The Xeon's are fine, they may or may not go though some more QA before shipping, but other than that they are exactly the same chips as the consumer line (Core 2 Quad). If they are more available or cheaper or the same price there is no reason not to get a Xeon.

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