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How many case fans are too many?
19/7/08 11:24:07 AM

depends on the fans, and the speed that they're running at

....it's called a 'snuke'.

19/7/08 11:30:27 AM
You can never have too many fans........

I have 13 fans in my system - and will have more in it on monday when my CM690 comes - has mounts for more fans :)

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9/8/08 1:33:15 AM

Or try adding a 12 inch ceiling exhaust fan to the side of your case, if it doesn't suck the CPU off your mobo your laughing!

Bunnings, the one stop shop for all your cooling needs. :)


2/9/08 7:38:36 PM

Quote by m0zes
There's really no such thing as too many fans, lots of slow moving fans can provide as much air flow as a few high speed fans at much, much lower noise levels.
Edited by m0zes: 4/7/2008 8:56:55 PM

Doesn't too many fans cause negative pressure thus reducing the air flow??

You are better of having 140 mm fans 4-6 max..

Edited by caz67: 2/9/2008 7:39:16 PM

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2/9/08 8:58:07 PM

I'm thinking of trying a ducting mod... with a desk fan :P


2/9/08 9:47:29 PM

2 on the gpu
1 on the psu
5 in the case
1 on the cpu

i dont think i could fit many more in my case, not that id need to mind you, if it gets too hot that i cant keep it kool, then i turn my PC off before my room becomes unbearably hot.

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2/9/08 11:27:43 PM


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3/9/08 2:34:40 PM

How many are too many?


Once you can't fit them in, or make it so that air can't actually flow through the case, you have too many.

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4/9/08 12:24:33 PM
i have 5x 120mm noctua fans..

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