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Discuss: Asus P5E3 Deluxe
14/2/08 4:49:27 PM

nesquick thinks:

i think for the price there are better ddr3 x38 mobo's on the market.

About the Atomic article Asus P5E3 Deluxe


If it's a deluxe motherboard... where's the velour?

What do you think?

main:e6750@3.4 thermalright u120x,p5k deluxe, ati x1900xtx, 2x 1gb patriot pc9200ram @1200mhz, antec sp500w, WD 320gb, maxtor 160gb, antec tx1050b server case. xpsm1330 on the way with 45nm core 2 :d

14/2/08 7:33:08 PM

From what I can find it has 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (Blue) and 1x PCIe x4 (Black), not 3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 lanes as posted in the review specs. For that price it should come with the full 3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 lanes.


18/2/08 12:34:02 PM
This Mother board is a nightmare

First I put a quad in it,
it locks and does not post

Then I put in Kensington ram
which locked it and creamed the Bois
so the board had to be RAed

See Asus's own website VIP support forum
all the people complaining about everything not working on this board, can't boot, no post, locked Bois, lossing settings in bios if you can ever get it to boot, especialy big problems with Q6600 CPU and Kensington and Corsair ram .

I think they rushed this board out and got it SO wrong, it sure looks nice but nothing works, nigtmare board.

I replaced it with a gigabyte X38 DS4
and everythihg worked first time. The p5E is a lemmon.


19/2/08 4:34:08 PM
Board is crap imho, though latest bios seems to be running it a lot better.
I had board early days and eventually gave it back to scorptec due to too many probs.
As previous posts note asus website has a pretty good history of the issues with the board.
I am sure eventually they will fix it with latest bios updates and there seem to be a lot more posts on forums of good results but for me it was just rubbish. ( I had no patience though)

Took the Evga 780i- granted no ddr3 but for the minimal boost current ddr3 gives you it does not justify the price difference versus ddr2 again imho.
My 2 cents

Edited by Qball: 19/2/2008 7:46:35 PM

QX9650,Corsair HX620,2xPioneer DVR-215, 2xWD5000AAKS, 2GB OCZ PC2 8500 1066, Auzen X-Fi Prelude,eVGA 780I,Therm Ultra 120 extreme, XFX 8800GTS 512, HR-03 GT, 5 Scythe 1200's.

19/2/08 7:00:20 PM

this board holds the current 3dmark 06 record i beleive with 2 hd2900's qx9650 @5.8

main:e6750@3.4 thermalright u120x,p5k deluxe, ati x1950xtx, 2x 1gb patriot pc9200ram @1200mhz, antec sp500w, WD 320gb, maxtor 160gb, antec tx1050b server case. xpsm1330 on the way with 45nm core 2 :d

Josh Collins 
20/2/08 9:43:09 AM

It’s interesting to hear of your issues MRPC2 and Qball.

My experiences with the board, right from the early days (we had one of the first in Australia) all the way through to now, working with many different BIOS versions and systems configurations, have been positive and we've not had any issues with the board.

We have two of these boards and both have been very dependable.

This board has been the best DDR3 memory overclocker that we've had pass through the labs and handles CAS5 through to CAS8 latencies very competently (other boards on the market have issues with one or more timings sets). As such we've chosen to use it as the basis for the DDR3 test roundup in the next issue.

Additionally during sub-zero testing this board has consistently ran systems with dual cores and quad cores clocked between 5GHz and 5.5GHz benching full 3D suites.

It's unfortunate to hear that there are duds out there but there will always be a lemon or two that gets out into the publics hands – it’s a shame you peeps got unlucky getting stuck with one each. For all the testing we've done, this board has been one very strong performer.


24/2/08 12:36:58 AM
Has anyone tried a P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n board? Ant issues? This is the one I was gunna buy for my HTPC.


22/8/08 12:51:39 AM

Bit late to the discussion, but I would like to konw what voltages were used to get to 585MHz.

Mine is unstable >530MHz with 1.45V on the northbridge.

Linux is free only if...


22/8/08 2:42:27 PM

I couldn't get the P5E to even load a RAID array - I ended up swapping it into my 2nd backup PC and used the P5Q mobo for my main board - spewin'!!! tried swapping graphics card from ATI to nVidia, Corsair RAM to A-Data, tried with drivers on the disc, then the latest, I tried with XP x32, XP x64, Vista Ultimate x64, Vista HP x64, and the latest June release of Vista x64.....
Asus are sure releasing a few duds these days!!!

Edited by osama_bin_athlon: 22/8/2008 02:43:42 PM

....it's called a 'snuke'.

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