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Ath's 'Movie' Project.
5/9/08 8:05:40 PM

Okay, so heads up people.

With all this talk about Warner Bros. etc, I think I might get off my laurels and start trying to make something (since I study film I may as well try out what Ive learned so far).

The intended release date is 02/03/2009 . lol.

I'll be keeping it short up to a short feature at longest (well 22 minutes at longest, to keep in with tv formatting blocks of air time - just in case), since Im giving myself plenty of time for pre-production (with proper pre-production done thoroughly, should only need a week's shooting time of the project creeps up to 22 min) and post-production, as I would like to have nice shiny production values to trick people into thinking Im awesome and hiring me or giving me money .

I don't think I'll be able to trick anyone into giving me money for this unfortunately. (otherwise I'd get a D90 and lenses to shoot this or something, hopefully I can somehow get enough $ through temp work to get the new 5D when it comes out, and hopefully it has video)

If worst comes to worst, I've got access to HDV cameras, even if they have infinity depth of field :P

I'll use this oppurtunity to practise and sharpen my 2D compositing techniques, since I would like some kind of fantasy or unreal or surreal locations (this is the kind of thing Im talking about - http://www.autopano.net/applications/cinema.html).

Thinking about integrating green screen footage with some photo-VR work (360x180 degree pano, which is then turned into a VR environment... its everything you can see from one point.. basically mapped to the inside of sphere which you can spin around.. has limitations of course).

For those of you that want to ask, I'm up to speed (hell my whole class is) on basic green screen compositing, as far as cutting out is concerned.

And I got the equipment to do VR stuff, who is my first ever attempt at a full blown VR (mind you its very poor, people were moving shit around in the room.. >.< ... oh I forgot to do the nadir shot off the tripod, which is why you can see the tripod lol) - http://www.photoda.com.au/ssl_k.html

Green screen test footage http://www.photodan.com.au/green1.jpg
"Final" product (was actually intending this for a black on white silhouette for an animation) http://www.photodan.com.au/green2.jpg

Given my awesome drawing abilities, I might beg one of the lecturers (who is an illustrator and has done comic work, his stuff looks good, and he loves fantasy so i can prolly talk him into it if i give him a six pack...) to take my stick/suck figures and charcter outlines and do a few frames of awesomeness for me.

Well thats all I can think of atm, feel free to ask questions, just keep in mind I dont have all the answers :P

No I dont have any previous video work to show you, except for this, which doesn't really count as it's stop frame/timelapse lol.


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7/9/08 1:03:52 AM

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