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What does $300 get you?
Genisis X 
31/8/08 6:31:59 PM

The picture quality of the fujifilms are alot better. I don't mean the megapixel count, either. They have better lenses and produce better images. They have a much better optical zoom and like I said before they have enough serious features that you will be able to learn a few things with it whilst at the same time having a very good 'auto' setting for someone who doesn't know how to use apertures and shutterspeeds and all that.

In short, the photo's you take with it will look like they were taken with a camera, not with a mobile phone. Have a look at some of the photo's in my sig. They were taken with a fujifilm s8000fd.



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31/8/08 7:39:05 PM

Quote by robzy
I do appreciate all the input, but I'm still curious to know how these cameras are better (I have no doubt they are :P).

My conundrum is that I'll go to a store, look at a camera, but not really know what I'm looking at and how to compare it to other cameras.


by all means go to a store to handle them, but dont buy!

they'll sucker you into less for your money, and the fuji prices will be well above $300 - buy online.

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