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**Challenge** Round 5 - Up!
3/9/08 1:00:03 AM

Dont ya hate it when people just want to keep going and you want to get the shot. I always seem to be on a road wher eI can't pull over to the side when I see the shots I want of scenery.


7/9/08 10:46:11 PM

Well here's looking up at night:


The Triffid Nebulae on the 2nd September 2008 at around 1am.

One 1200 second shot on a 235mm diameter, 2350mm focal length lens (guided at 3 second intervals) connected to a Canon 400D in RAW mode. Hutech Light Pollution Filter and Lumicon Focal reducer built into an off-axis guider to bring the focal length down to about 1500 mm

No Bias, flat or dark frames subtracted. All processing in Photoshop CS2 to correct dark point, colour balance and non linear boosting of the faint nebulae's core.

So this calibre shot places me as a beginning astrophotographer (about 14 months process. The first shot is with agressive curves, and Gaussian Blur, then a quick unsharp mask for the core.

I definitely like the second shot - so call that my submission - the first was a play around :)


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