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Off to UK for a while... want a DSLR...
17/8/08 10:53:38 PM

Well I've ended up buying a 2nd hand 400D as well as some cheaper old lens.

Plans for a 50mm/1.8 and 18-55mm IS lens (the same that is found in the 450D kit).

Should cover me for most stuff, and done on the cheap. (Will spend more in the future, however saving for the trip's the biggest thing at the moment).


Twinnie and Tap.

I will miss my sweet princes :(

The Tick 
18/8/08 9:22:01 AM

Nicely done.

Now get some practice. As some of the better books and DVDs will tell you, a good photographer will understand his camera enough to instinctually set it to the right settings based on the conditions presented.

ISO, white balance etc ... are settings that you shouldn't be spending time trying to find. This will ensure that as your thinking about the composition of your shot, in the back of your head your also thinking "cloudy day, not much light ..." and adjusting your camera before you take the shot.

Your camera has the ability to also capture as a jpg + RAW. I would suggest a decent size memory card (or two or three) to give you the ability to rework a photo if something does go wrong in your RAW editor of choice or something like photoshop if you really want to get creative with it.

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