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**Challenge** Round 4 - Portraits
30/7/08 9:55:45 PM


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1/8/08 3:02:45 PM

My little mate



3/8/08 1:59:08 AM

My pet lizard 'Stumpy'




3/8/08 12:59:05 PM

Quote by moz
Me, on the phone to morris.

You look so happy to be on the phone to me :P~~

Your daughter is taking some awesome photos there though :D

I might have to hang out on Photography more. I'm starting to get a feel for my camera and the little ins and outs of it.
Going to have to use it a bit more and show you all.



3/8/08 1:01:58 PM

oh and shots i forgot for my dog, Dakota.



3/8/08 8:06:52 PM

Ok, my feeble attempt at a portrait.

Taken on a canon 400d in 2006 at the top of a hill on our property.
Dad was telling stories and I just got in his face with the camera and after he stopped telling me to p*** off I caught this one.



3/8/08 9:11:38 PM

Quote by baarboss
Ok, my feeble attempt at a portrait.

Taken on a canon 400d in 2006 at the top of a hill on our property.
Dad was telling stories and I just got in his face with the camera and after he stopped telling me to p*** off I caught this one.


lol, nice!

gummybear, I really liked this one!

Edited by moz: 4/8/2008 7:05:19 AM

Look at that... A bear... mining for coal.

13/8/08 11:22:12 PM

Well, I don't have a fancy camera or any real knowledge of photographic method or how to take a good picture, but I have a camera and a seriously pretty girlfriend, so here:


Taken one Sunday morning a week or two ago, I had some photo frames to fill and I wanted a nice picture of her. Camera is a 9MP FujiFilm FinePix A900. Not much done postprocessing wise, just a resize, some saturation to bring out skin tone and a run through my bitchin' JPEG compression algorithm :P

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<schwatoo> they do
<zacwhite> really? sweet.
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14/8/08 12:00:53 AM

None of them recent, but these are some of my preferred people shots:




Die, you zombie bastards!

14/8/08 3:29:50 AM



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15/8/08 8:05:45 PM

My wife in a Tesco cafe in Scotland about 4 years ago.


20/8/08 12:23:24 AM

Time to give you all a piece of my mind! :P

zenali: Natural Beauty is a fantastic image. I love the colours, I love the composition, it really hooked me in. I also really like the Grandma shot. The lighting is great, and I can see many possibilities with further processing :)

The Tick: The first shot is quite good, nice and sharp. I'd suggest removing the blanket to the right, as it's a bit of a distraction. A couple of extra touches and I'd call it a definite keeper :)
Tell your brother off for the blob of thingy in the second photo ;) but he did make up for it with the third image, a bit of darkening of the background and some work on the old fella, and that'd be another great photo in my books.
The next one is really good. The B&W touch always works well with babies, and what you captured there is hell cute. Apart from removing some distractions (Shiny thing in top right, maybe the background to the left) I can't think of much that'd make it better. I bet it'd look great printed :)

^Faldo^: Slap your friend for being a stout bacefooker :P Anyway.
1. I'll agree, it's a damn good photo. You look like a rockstar after a good gig :P
2. I don't really like the blue cast over this one. Makes it kinda sombre when it shouldn't be. Otherwise, is good.
3. Strange as it may be, this one freaks me out/irritates me. Are those glasses actually there, or are they superimposed? I'm pulling my hair out over it! :P

Athril: That self portrait is a stunner! What'd you use for the lighting?
The Tess photo is also pretty damn good, the low angle worked wonders, and the urban feel just oozes out of it.

donnaGem: That first one is absolutely fantastic :)

moz: Your daugher is doing pretty bloody well. The shot of Daisy has great composure in my opinion.
Your two shots are good too - Darcy comes up really sharp when given a bleach bypass treatment, and your lizard mate is a great capture.

Friml: Showoff ;P
(Don't worry, I'm just jealous of your skills :))

cmos: Not there anymore? :/

ne()phyte: More great photos :) Love the style in Cross Check, Bride to be and Sleepy Smirk. And why, Rockin' looks familiar ;)

shaolin rogue: Gorgeous boy you've got there! The B&W photo really does him justice, and the expression on his face in
http://www.flickr.com/photos/28926777@N07/2700402334/in/set-72157606359214005/ is just pure gold!

Wilkshake: Fatherhood is a stunner. I love that composition :)

Gl0be: Not bad, but I'd suggest trying to get in closer and just having his face filling the frame, the expression that you can see would be a lot more powerful upclose.

gummybear: The two child photos are tops, especially the one of the little girl. The shots of your dog are also good, though I will be picky with the eye one, that one could do with the focus being dead on the eye (Though it can be damn tricky to pull it off at times).

baarboss: I wouldn't call that a feeble attempt by a longshot. It's a ripper of a photo that makes your old man look like a right rogue :)

Tak: Good shot, though I'd suggest a tighter crop to pull more attention to her face. I like how you've really pulled out the blue in her eyes.

Orinjuse: The Noir effect looks good on Paul, though I reckon playing around with the Dragan effect could give an interesting effect :)

dBug: I like :)

fliptopia: Love the high-key effect. And for some reason, on my laptop at least, it seems as though there's colour in her eyes when zoomed out. Very very interesting.

All in all, another month of quality showings :)
I'm going to be away for the next couple of days (Heck, I was already a few days late with writing this up), so if anyone else would like to come up with the theme for the next challenge & post it, please feel free to.

ps If I sound like a jumped up prat, please slap me then forgive me, I'm still new to this concept of giving positive feedback ;P

Lord of nothing except my own dreams, so it's Bug to you.

I love you Sharleen *)

21/8/08 3:54:16 AM
edit: I was too late..

Edited by TheSecret: 21/8/2008 8:50:04 AM

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