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Broadcast live video stream
14/7/08 9:00:56 PM
I'm curious if anyone has any exposure or experience with live video broadcast.

We're in the process of setting up some broadcast capabilities for a local sporting team in which we'll be capturing the 'live', or semi live feeds from some HD Video Cameras and streaming the games on the internet.

Theres plenty of ways to do this but does anyone have any exposure to HD cameras and using them for live broadcast streams? Any recommendations at all??


15/7/08 11:48:39 AM

Adobe Flash Media Server.


It'll cost you an arm and a leg, but it's awesome.

Forget broadcasting in HD. If the ABC isn't, you're not going to.

How many cameras are you using? Just the one, or are you mixing multiple cams throughout the game? How are they connected to your mixing desk? Are you using HD-SDI? What card are you using to capture the video, and what are the specs of the computer you're using to capture, compress and upload to the server?



15/7/08 12:09:26 PM

Second forgetting about HD, the bandwidth required is just not worth thinking about let alone the capture and induction into the streaming server.

A solution that we use is VLC media player. We use tuner cards to capture free to air TV and then multicast those channels to the network. In theory it could work using a capture card sitting on the end of a vision switcher. Have a good hard look at the documentation on the VLC media site.

As far as I know you tell VLC to look at your capture source and tell it to stream in whatever setting you like to whatever transfer option you want. Then just pick up the output and bobs your uncle.

This area isn't really my area of expertise I'm more in producing the content rather than delivering it. But if you have any questions I can try and help you.


Some links to help you out

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A minute ago this was the safest job in the world. Now it's turning into a bad day in Bosnia.

15/7/08 5:02:17 PM
I actually looked into VLC last night and it has a lot of promise. As it can read in streams and then rebroadcast them and even add watermarks etc, i'm thinking of using VLC to stream from the ground to the webhost and have VLC at the webhost stream to flash or WMV.

The benefits of using flash is that I can then use VLC to transcode the MPEG2 stream from the camera(s) to H264, which most flash browser plugins can read and it offers good quality.

Currently we're looking at one Sony HD cam to keep it simple, straight into a grunty laptop and then out to the webhost.

The main issue is bandwidth out of the arena given the location. This means that we need to get it to the webhost which has the bandwidth to cope with streamed video. So no matter what, we need to try to transcode the stream 'live' via a camera feed.

Its a little more involved than i first thought, but challenges are good.


15/7/08 6:53:48 PM

Even if you do have a HD camera I strongly suggest that you only capture at SD resolutions.

I'll have to crunch some numbers which my brain really doesn't want to do at the moment.

I'm not to sure that it is even possable to transcode a HD source down to what im going to assume is around 640x480 in a format of your choice, all on the fly without droping frames or quality.

I would also be trying to avoid the second re-encoding at the host side but I would also need to put some more thought on a better way of doing it.

A minute ago this was the safest job in the world. Now it's turning into a bad day in Bosnia.

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