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Online video storage
5/7/08 5:06:57 PM

Hey all. I did a search and couldnt find anything already asking about this so thought i would give it a shot.

Does anyone know of an Online Video storage service? Not youtube. I dont want my video being downgraded quality wise. I need to be able to download from it later aswell.

This is the deal. My grandfather is going away to an airshow for 10 days. His video comera has a 40 gig HDD which im sure will get filled at least once. I want to upload the video files from his camera to the internet somewhere so incase he runs out of space, or worst comes to worst loses the thing. That we at least have the video's i have uploaded.

Going to be using Fotki for our still photo's on the digi cam's. So that is at least sorted.

Any suggestions?

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Well. Id love to stay...But you bore me.

keyblademaster Ver.2 
5/7/08 8:57:50 PM

i think smugmug had video now ?

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6/7/08 1:09:47 AM

Hmm would have to become a Power user, that would be 59 odd bucks.

Was hoping to get away without having to pay.

Well. Id love to stay...But you bore me.

18/7/08 4:36:14 PM

Might be easier to just buy a portable hard-drive, you wont find a good reliable and fast free service that lets you store so much data

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19/7/08 11:35:51 AM

sendspace, megaupload, rapidshare etc.

he'd just need to send you the links to pull it back down.

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