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False information P!SSES ME OFF!
30/6/08 11:58:56 PM

watch this bullshit!!!!!!!!!


god i hate people who try to portray facts (wrong facts) just because they DONT UNDERSTAND.

I sent him this message, and commented like crazy.

I may have gotten a fact or 2 wrong in my message (accidentally, in my rage), but nothing as misleading, or down right arrogant as his message. anyway, enjoy my message to him:

If you check your video about your canon camera, you'll see ive explained everything for you :)

As said, i dont mean offense, but it IS MPEG2 in a differently named container.

You have to container video and audio, otherwise they cant be together. Did you want a raw MPEG2 stream, and a seperate AAC audio stream you had to try and manually sync? if so, thats a very rare requirement (and can be done in post-production anyway), most people preffer their adio and video in the one file, and for their software, they came up with a new file extension.

no biggie, its just a container, not a file in itself, just rename it.

It doesnt stutter on any of my computers, DVD player nor modded orginal Xbox, a buffer is clearly getting flooded somewhere on your PC, MPEG2 has a very high bitrate, and if your PC cant supply that bitrate, well, stutter happens.

Burn it to a DVD and if your DVD player is abe to handle direct MPEG2 (some cant) it'll just play, proving what ive said above.

and what made you tell everyone that it was an 'intel cpu only' application? What on earth suggested that? Itsimpossible unless they specifically BAN amd from using it based on CPUID (and thats on the hardware level, no way they'd do that, and as im running it on an AMD system i know they havent).

Both CPU's are of x86 architecture, both contain the SSE1, and 2 instruction set, and AMD actually contains a few more instruction sets than intel, such as 3dNOW (untill the E series of CPU's, but even then, its missing AMD's specific video enhancement instructions) .

Im honestly curious,:
What difference is there between AMD and INTEL cpu's that suggested to you it wont run on AMD?

anywho, I suggest ditching windows media player, unless you like tracking cookies and DRM. Use something like VLC player to play your videos.

Apple needs no special software, as it doesnt use file extensions and can directly import the file into iMovie (because, as i said, its MPEG2 with AAC, and its the standard. everything has to support it)

anyway, for my own interest now, did you check your performance logs to see what was causing the stutter? id be interested as to what part of your system was struggling, possibly DMA is disabled on your HDD or card reader.

oh god, you werent trying to play it direct from the memory card were you? If so, by default, windows disables drive caching on removable devices so you dont damage it by unplugging without safely removing.

Unless you specifically enabled caching on removable storage, you were trying ot get an SD card to dtream you a video without any cache.

im just throwing out possible assumptions here.

If you chose to deny yourself what has been caled 'the clearest lense in consumer level recording', go ahead. But Canon has done nothing wrong It provided EVERYTHING you ask for in the video.

every issue you're having is related to your PC, not the camera.

I dont work for canon, nor any marketing company, i'm just a hardcore computer geek backing up technology!

All i ask is, please be more careful about what you portray as fact.

As i said, i may have gotten some of the minor details wrong, i couldnt be bothered double checking in my haste, but the jist is right.

Im fairly sure he doesnt understand 'containers' and judging by the way the files were displayed in that window, i assume, as said, he was trying to play it direct from the SD card, and as such, no caching (for safe removal). what a moron.

I know its just another moron in the world, but people like that SHIT ME OFF!

4200+X2 939, ASUS A8N-SLI-D, Ati HD3850, 1gb,1tb total HDD, 109 DVD, LG DVD-rom.
Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

1/7/08 6:32:12 AM

There there, there there.

Welcome to the eternal hell of my world, where it is Christmas, all year round.

Starring Jet Li as Santa Claus.

1/7/08 10:39:20 AM

i think i need a hug

4200+X2 939, ASUS A8N-SLI-D, Ati HD3850, 1gb,1tb total HDD, 109 DVD, LG DVD-rom.
Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

1/7/08 11:33:08 AM

I think you do.


I need to learn more about video encoding actually ... been a while since I've really looked into it.

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1/7/08 5:44:51 PM

I put a thumbs up on your comments, just to make you feel better. ;)

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